Alternative Day Shifts In Educational Institutions | 50% Students Will Be Allowed One Day

Alternative Day Shifts In Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions Will Follow Alternative Day Shifts in Schools

Dr. Murad Raas provincial education minister declared that all public and Private schools will be allowed only 50% of the students in one day. The other 50% of the students will come on the next day.

A double shift in a single day will not be allowed. All schools will follow strictly the schedule of the alternative day.

Provincial Education Minister also announced the timeline for the educational institutions reopening. Colleges and Universities will be restarted on September 15, 2020.

It was decided in the Interprovincial Education Ministers Meeting held today. The Federal Ministry of Education Shafqat Mahmood presented proposals in the meeting for reopening educational institutions.

Consents were taken on proposals for the phase-wise opening of educational institutions. According to sources, the recommendations will be sent to the NCOC, Corona cases will be monitored after opening the large classes.

According to sources, the proposals of the provincial governments relating to the opening of educational institutions will be reviewed.

Shafqat Mehmood has given a briefing on the proposals and SOPs.Β The implementation of the decisions of the meeting will be reviewed.

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