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Essay on My Hobby, Gardening

Essay on My Hobby | Gardening

Today, man lives in a world where strenuous struggle and excessive efforts are necessary for survival. He works like a Trojan from dawn to dusk. Physical and mental exertions leave him utterly exhausted and enervated.

The invariable drudgery of daily routine rusts in the words of Coleridge, his Shaping spirit of imagination. He needs some pleasing pursuits to soothe this stress and strain. Such pleasant activities that fill our idle hours are called hobbies.

Different people take up different hobbies to this effect. Though there are various things I do at moments of leisure, the thing that attracts all my attention is gardening. Francis Bacon in his essay Of Garden says.

God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human plaesures


Thus, this hobby of mine is an ultimate source of pleasure and joy for me. It invigorates both my body and soul. It breathes a new life into my lethargic and lazy body. Gardening or growing plants is an extremely exciting activity.

The gardeners generate a lovely landscape, fragrant flowers, fresh fruits, perennial plants, and tall trees. Today elaborate and decorative gardens have become part and parcel of elegant houses. Gardening for pleasure has become a pervasive pursuit all over the world.

It has gained perennially prodigious popularity as a recreational activity. Growing a garden is not a Herculean task. One needs a little soil, some small seeds, and a few basic tools to grow a garden. I delve deep and carry out radical research before selecting a plant to grow.

The range of plants available is remarkably rich. The nurseries offer constantly new varieties. Plants differ in their tolerance for heat, cold, and moisture. Before sowing and growing a plant, I take into account the climate it needs.

I evaluate the soil type, the sunlight that falls on the proposed site, and many other such factors that can affect the growth of the plant. Before growing a plant, I also considered its life cycle. I grow all kinds i.e. annuals like petunias; biennials like hollyhocks and perennials like shrubs and trees.

Fertile soil is indispensable for the growth of a luxuriant garden. Plants obtain nutrients from the soil for their healthy growth. Most plants thrive effectively in a soil type known as loam. It contains roughly 50 percent sand, 25 percent clay, and 25 percent silt.

Before sowing seeds, I till the soil by various methods. I turn over the soil with a spade and at times loosen it with a garden fork. Then I rake it smooth before planting. To keep the soil loose, I cover it with compost. 

When the seedlings are several inches tall, I remove extra ones so that the remaining seedlings are evenly spaced. I opt to choose transplants. Sometimes, I place transplants in a large bottomless box with a clear top. 

The sunlight goes through the top and heats the air in the cold structure. Water is as essential for plants as it is for other living organisms. It is essential for plants’ biochemical reactions. Water should be applied slowly so that it may percolate onto the soil properly and no amount of it is wasted.

Diseases caused by fungi can damage plants. Some fungal diseases of plants can be controlled with a fungicide. Providing plants with optimum soil, nutrients, light, and water is the best approach to prevent diseases. I employ all these methods to save my garden from diseases.

I do my best to control the shape of shrubs and trees. I prune the branches growing in the wrong direction. I also remove the diseased or dead branches. In this way, I keep the plants in attractive shapes. In short, I keep my garden perfect in all respects. It has proved to be a haven of serenity for me.

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