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Children playing a Cricket Match

A Cricket Match

No matter how talented you are, or naturally gifted you are, there is no substitute for hard work if you got to maintain standards

No one can deny the significance of sports and games in life. Games play a pivotal role in making our bodies, muscles, and nerves. Besides this, games teach us endurance and tolerance.

Matches are events full of enthusiasm, zest, and gusto. Some matches are quite sensational, thrilling, and full of suspense. Such matches are really entertaining and enjoyable and people are passionate to watch them.

Cricket is a gentleman’s game played by the beasts

I also got a chance to watch such a match just last  Friday. It was the final of a cricket tournament. The match was played between Pak Fights Club and Eleven Star Cricket Club. It was played on a pleasant morning.

The stadium was jam-packed with spectators. The umpires with the two captains appeared on the ground. First of all, the two captains tossed up a coin. The captain of Eleven Stars Cricket Club won the toss.

They decided to bat first. Both the openers entered the ground with dignity. Eleven Stars Cricket Club came running towards the pitch moving their bats around. The other team also came up running to take their positions in the field for Feilding.

The two official scores took their seats. The English and Urdu commentary on the match was exciting and enjoyable. The sky was overcast a bit at the start of the match, but soon, afterward, it was a sunny day.

A gun is no more dangerous than a cricket bat in the hands of a mad man

At the start, the match felt a bit slow in tempo. It was a 25 overs match. In the first ten overs, the batting team could score only 30 runs and lost four wickets. In the next 10 overs, they further lost three wickets but the score was then one hundred one.

The last five overs were the most exciting for they scored 57 more runs in them. The total score reached 158 runs in 25 overs with the loss of nine wickets. There was a short break of 45 minutes after the first innings

During it, the vendors appeared with various eatables. The spectators did chatting, eating, and taking tea and cold drinks. Soon the match resumed. In the first seven overs, the Pak Fighters Club easily scored seventy runs without losing any wicket.

But the next three overs were crucial. The team lost four important wickets one after the other. In short, the batting side was to get only nine runs and the bowling side was to take only one wicket to win the match till the last of the match.

Winning is important but more than winning, playing the game sincerely with a true spirit and being sportive is also important

Every ball brought suspense and excitement to the crowd. Two runs were required on the last ball. The batsman hit toward the boundary and the Pak Fighters Club won the match. Some spectators ran towards the winning team, and some kept sitting to see the prize distribution ceremony.

Success belongs only to those who are willing to work harder than anyone else.

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