The Hen That Laid Golden Eggs | Moral story

The Hen That Laid Golden Eggs

The Hen That Laid Golden Eggs

Moral stories are pieces of literature that attract the attention of the children as well as the elders. It makes the children acquainted with their lives. The children learn a lesson from the stories and try to follow them.
The following story reflects a moral that makes the greedy and stingy to avoid doing performing such unnatural acts that lead him to waste time and give him no avail. Greed and hasty work bring disaster for man. This story is based on the oft-quoted moral of Greed is a Curse.
Unreasonable haste is the direct road to error
Once there was a poor man. He had a strange hen. It laid a golden egg daily. The man sold it in the market and got a handsome sum of money. This way, he was getting rich by and by. But he became greedy and impatient.
Learn diligence before speedy execution
He wanted to be rich overnight. He thought of cutting open the belly of the hen to have all the golden eggs at once. He thought that by killing the hen, he would get many eggs and he would be a very rich man.
Don’t judge a book by its cover, ’til you’ve read the book
But when he did so, he was much shocked not to find even a single egg in the belly of the hen. He cried out but it was all useless to repent. We should have a strong belief in  God and universal truths.
We can steer clear of troubles with an iron hand and strong will. The stated story also teaches us to be away from the hasty steps to avoid unpleasant circumstances and situations.
Take time for all things, great haste makes great waste


  1. Haste makes waste
  2. Greed is a curse
  3. It is useless to cry over spilt milk
  4. Contentment is a great blessing
  5. Look before you leap 

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