Internet Addiction Essay for Intermediate and ADP Students

Internet Addiction Essay

Internet Addiction Essay


As the world is moving rapidly, it is becoming smaller because the use of the internet is becoming vital in our lives.

Use of Internet

With the use of the internet, communication means become easier and more affordable. Now we can communicate with our loved ones living abroad.

Advantages of Internet

Internet carries several advantages from the man’s easy access to different sites and informative programs.

Disadvantages of Internet

Along with many advantages, it also has serious disadvantages that make it a curse or nuisance.


The best and most productive use of the internet must be propagated and wrong use must be discouraged. Some moral ethics should be imposed upon internet users.


The use of the internet should be for spreading massive information and rapid communication. It can become a great blessing.


The Internet is fast becoming just a vital part of everyday life, like TV and the computer itself. Now everything amazing, exciting, and often out of reach is commonplace and freely available. This technology is advancing at an amazing rate.
Now the world is getting smaller and the use of the internet is becoming super important. We can remember 56k connections were the new exciting craze that everyone had to have. Now we get almost abnormal if we still chug along with the trusty dialup.

The internet is integrated into our lives and people are becoming more dependent on its services. It is the internet that made man’s life easy and faster. It makes people connected together regardless of time and location. It enhanced the business sphere and expanded the possibilities of enterprise.

Now there are more business opportunities and information communication technologies that make business automated to be in the reach of customers. With the advent of the internet, our lives have turned upside down. Here is everything we can do by ordering pizza, buying our favorite outfits, sharing a moment with friends, and sending a picture to our loved ones within no time.

The internet is a revolution that provides people endless knowledge and entertainment. It has multiple advantages that we are getting. Connectivity, communication, and sharing are super easy. In the past, corresponding through letters or telegrams was time taking but it is easy to send an email across the world through the internet.

It allows people to take information about any topic and provides solutions. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and many more allow users to put a question and then find its answer. we can watch videos about any topic on sites like YouTube that contains millions of videos on several topics

Along with the advantages of the Internet, the advent of the Internet has its threatening side also. It is found that many people are becoming addicted to the online world. The computer and the internet have become compulsory components or even the main focus of leisure, education, and work time that its losing access can really affect someone.

Every social association that is not face-to-face is injurious to your health


Internet addiction contains many forms. Some common areas of Internet addiction can be information addiction, gaming, cybersex, cyber-relations, and in general, there is computer and Internet addiction. As for as, Information addiction is concerned, it is an interesting concept.
It means the sheer volume of information freely available online leads to the people desperately ‘needing’ to find out more and more. To see people getting obsessed with learning seems kind of like a good thing, but it also can take a form of a similar sort of mentality to drug addiction where the user is always in search of their next hit that is harder to find.
It is seen that often the available depth of information is actually lacking. We move to skim read information online by just knowing a few points and then moving on. We found in many cases that it’s sometimes quite hard to concentrate on a page long enough to read it entirely.
The other form of internet addiction is gaming where all and sundry get obsessed and become crazy without ignoring its dangerous effects on the brain. It deteriorates the capacity of the brain to relax. This phenomenon of addiction is drastic. The other two forms also contribute to the deterioration of users’ physical and sexual health.   
Internet addiction has become a global problem among people of all ages all over the world. They use social media, chatting, and video games. The use of the internet in access can be fatal to all its users. Many dangerous people on the internet cause people to be isolated from their families and friends.
They influence people to make wrong decisions. It is hard to regulate internet use but parents must be aware of their children. They should have a strict check on the children to avoid their over-dependence on the internet. The excessive use of the internet develops anxiety and depression among individuals.

Internet addiction directly influences the growth of minors. There should be no delay in restricting harmful internet content.


Internet addiction hampers personal and professional development and causes physical health issues like obesity, heart condition, and hypertension. Internet addicts forget to eat and sleep and ignore to complete their tasks and their loved ones. They all need a fast internet connection and an integral tool to access it.

A quick Internet search will tell that Internet addiction is really more of a problem than many would choose to believe. There are several websites and organizations dedicated to helping people with Internet addiction. It won’t be too tough to work out if anyone gets addicted to the Internet.

Does he find that when he gets offline, he becomes surprised by the amount and value of time that has passed? He actually does not get the answer to what he lost while using the internet facility and be dependent on it all the time. It is dangerous to consume all their attention on the internet.
It is crucial to say how severe Internet addiction can get. Surely, it’s as problematic as any other addiction. One should not be afraid to do something if he sees problems in himself or a friend. Simply try cutting back on your use of the internet for a while until it’s under control. Like any problem, it can be solved out without the help of friends.
It is particularly serious and dangerous and one must try installing a parental control program that limits his access to the Internet. A friend can be beneficial to choose and keep the disabling password secret.  If the user stays aware, becomes alert and in control, Internet use can and will be beneficial.

Today spend a little time cultivating relationships offline. Never forget that everybody isn’t on social media.

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