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Islam the Religion of Peace

Islam, The Religion of Peace | Paragraph-3

The phrase religion of peace is often used to describe Islam, but what does it actually mean? The word peace can be defined as the absence of conflict or violence. So a religion of peace is one that promotes harmony and goodwill between people, without resorting to violence.

Islam, the religion of peace certainly fits this definition. It is a faith-based on tolerance and understanding and encourages its followers to live in harmony with others. The Quran says There is no compulsion in religion, meaning that people should be free to practice their own beliefs without fear or intimidation.

Islam teaches tolerance not hatred, universal brotherhood not enmity, peace, and not violence

All religions preach peace. However, people often twist the true meaning of these messages for their own ends. This is undoubtedly true of Islam, the religion of peace that has been misused by some who do not understand it or who deliberately distort its message for their own gain.
But this does not mean that Islam is an evil religion, far from it. The Islamic concept of peace is based on the idea of submission to God. Muslims believe that peace can only be found through obedience to Allah, and by living in harmony with His laws.
Muslims believe that peace comes from within, and can be found through prayer and meditation on the word of Allah. It is important to remember that terrorism is not exclusive to any one faith. Christians and Jews have a long history of using terror as a tool in warfare and politics.
And sadly, this trend continues to this day. For example, just in the past few weeks, there have been several terrorist attacks carried out by people professing to be followers of Christianity or Judaism. Islam, the religion of peace is often singled out for criticism in the media, but it is essential to remember that any religion can be used to justify violence.
The problem is not with Islam itself, but with the people who use it to commit atrocities. We should not forget that there are also many peaceful Muslims who are horrified by these acts of violence. So although there are some Muslims who use violence to achieve their goals, this does not mean that Islam itself is a violent religion.
The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding citizens who want nothing more than to live in peace with their neighbors. Islam also teaches that peace can only be found through submission to Allah. This is a very different concept from most other religions, which teach that peace can be found through obedience to man-made laws.
In conclusion, it is clear that Islam, the religion of peace does not show that all Muslims are peaceful just as not all Christians or Jews are terrorists. We should not blame an entire religion for the actions of a few extremists. Each individual should be judged on their own merits, regardless of their faith.

Islam is a warm embrace to a bitter heart, it is a light that illuminates the soul, and a way of eliminating all evil

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