Science in the Service of Man | English Essay for Second Year

Science in the Service of Man an English Essasy

Science in the Service of Man | English Essay Inter Part-2

   Albert Einstein, German-born U.S. physicist says:

Knowledge resembles a statue of marble which stands in the desert and is continuously threatened with burial by the shifting sands. The hands of science must ever be at work in order that the marble column continues everlastingly to shine in the sun.

Thus science is a persistent pursuit of knowledge, skill, and enlightenment. It reveals sheer truths, mere facts, and bare realities of the universe. It is based on an observation of the fundamental laws of nature. By its permanent quest, it has opened up new and novel horizons of discovery and invention.

Its enormous impact on agriculture, industry, medicine, astronomy, navigation, and traveling is exceedingly amazing. It has proved to be the most trusted and entertaining friend of humanity. It has doubled and multiplied human efficiency and comfort by its vast range of applications and innumerable inventions.

It is human nature to explore new horizons of nature. Man explores the undiscovered and unseen recesses of nature to satiate his unquenched thirst for knowledge. Man will always continue to discover the secret aspects of the cosmos. And it is the science that helps man to accomplish such pursuits. 

Life is a constant struggle for survival where man has to toil unceasingly to provide himself with the basic facilities of life. In the past, the man had to sweat blood to meet his simple needs. His life was quite uncertain and unsafe. He had to struggle for food, shelter, and security. He had to defend himself against the wild beasts and the odds of life.

Now he has invented powerful weapons to defend himself and his country. With the help of science, he has succeeded in securing a safe home for him. There is no need for digging holes in the earth to live in. Man has built skyscrapers and graceful buildings for this purpose. Even in the house, a woman needs not to work with her hands.

She has a spacious decorated house, a well-furnished kitchen, and numerous equipment to do her domestic duties. As far as food is concerned, man grows all kinds of crops and vegetables throughout the year. He is no more afraid of hunger and famine. 

He has invented huge and reliable machines to perform his task in the fields. These machines do his work with magical quickness and accuracy. All this has become possible due to science. 

Bertrand Russell, in his book, ‘A History of Western Philosophy’ says:

Almost everything that distinguishes the modern world from earlier centuries is attributable to science.

In the past, the man had to travel on foot. Now travel  has become a pleasure for him. Swift and speedy means of travel are easily available. He can travel around the world just for pleasure. He had got the better of birds in flight.

He is no more grieved to say good-bye to his relatives and friends. He can meet them and visit them whenever he likes. He has invented more speedy aeroplanes than sound. By them, he can cover long distances in the twinkling of an eye. 

Aeroplanes, trains, buses, and cars are to carry him anywhere across the country. All these quick means of transportation are the result of science. Probably it was this kind of travel about which John Keats once said:

Ever let the fancy roam, pleasure never is at home.

Science has provided us with many means of information, entertainment, amusement, and fun. TV, Radio, VCR, Dish antenna, Cinema and Computer all are sure means of entertainment and recreation. 

The computer and other prompt means of communication have converted the whole world into a global village. Now man can enjoy any sort of extravaganza at any time and at any place.

He can enjoy an activity being performed thousands of miles away around the world. Science has performed wonders in the field of medicine. The diseases like tuberculosis, smallpox, and cholera are no more fatal and deadly. Now plague and epidemics have been controlled. Wonderful drugs have been discovered to the man of pain and diseases.

Antiseptics can kill the germs that spread diseases. The most bewildering achievement of science in this regard is that it has given man a scientific outlook and rational approach to comprehend the mystic of nature. In the field of surgery, science is touching the zenith of progress. Walt Whitman, a U.S poet recites: 

Of physiology from top to toe I sing. (Leaves of grass, ‘I Sing the Body Electric)

In short, science is a great blessing which has proved to be useful in all the fields of life. It has brought all the nations on one Platform, This age of illumination is different from the age of darkness only because of science. Science has even enlightened us spiritually as it has broadened our views and outlook. We have begun to perceive the laws and the phenomena of nature adequately.

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