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Unemployment Essay for College Students

Unemployment Essay

This unemployment essay is the best English notes for college students including Intermediate and B.A/BSc. Students must learn this essay with the given outline to get good grades in the exam. However, the latest facts and figures could have a greater impact on the examiners.

Outline | Unemployment Essay

  1. Introduction, what is unemployment
  2. Definition of unemployment
  3. Unemployment in Pakistan, Pakistan is at a high risk
  4. Causes of unemployment
  5. Types of unemployment
  6. Solution
  7. Conclusion

Unemployment is a common thing nowadays. It is an economic term that shows the inability of a person to find a job for which he is suited. It is a global issue and all the countries including rich countries like America, England, and France are being affected by it.

The percentage of unemployment differs according to the industrial and economic development of the country. Unemployment means the joblessness of those who are able and willing to work the proposition of unemployed people displays the index of economic activity.

Of all aspects of social misery, nothing is so heartbreaking as unemployment

Its ratio also shows human resources are being used. As unemployed people feel deprived and rejected, it becomes a serious social problem. Harry Truman, a U.S. president says: It is a recession when your neighbor losses his job; it is a depression when you lose yours.

Unemployment is not a problem in a particular country; it is the problem in all the countries of the world. The number of unemployed workers is constantly on the increase. In Pakistan, unemployment is at high risk. All the professions in Pakistan are overcrowded. A person with graduation only is not welcomed in these professions.

Thousands of laborers and workers are wandering around without any work. Unemployment causes other social evils like dishonesty, a low-standard education system, poverty, and an ineffective industrial sector. Unemployment is the worst and most crucial reality of life.

Unemployment is eating away at the economy of the world. It gives starvation, disease, and death to its victims. It creates anxiety and depression for both educated and uneducated people. Crimes, corruption, unrest, sin, and vices of all types are found in a society where most people are unemployed.

Disappointed and depressed people are becoming the prey of theft, terrorism, drug addiction, violence, drug trafficking, and many other dangerous crimes. The youngsters without any job or work, do not generate income and become indifferent to right and wrong.

Unemployment is like a headache and a temperature- unpleasant and exhausting but not carrying in itself any explanation of its cause

There are many causes of this social evil, economical, social, population explosion, political, and psychological. The high unemployment rate takes the community to social and economic problems. Economic problems lead to fewer services and fewer production of goods, unequal distribution of income, fewer tax revenues, and a decline in GDP.

Economists delineate unemployment as a condition of joblessness in the country’s economy. People lack the utilization of resources and it devasts the production of the whole economy. The current unemployment situation in Pakistan is due to the constant recession that affected Pakistan’s economy on a large scale. A low unemployment rate means a low inflation ratio in the country. The increase in the prices of goods leads to people’s inability to purchase power. A monetary policy is required to create a balance in prices and production.

Socially, it is seen that Pakistan faces the issue of nepotism that is a hindrance to the progress Pakistan. A person who searches in the private or the public sector becomes its victim. He can not get a good job due to the culture of nepotism. This is also a major cause of unemployment.

Pakistan is suffering from the gravest economic crisis that resulted in the rapid increase in dollar price and the demand for labor is decreased. The industries started accommodating a small number of employees.

When more and more are thrown out of work, unemployment results

Population explosion is a great cause of unemployment. The number of people is increasing and the sources of food are limited to fulfill their needs. This generates a situation of inflation in the country and a big loss for the progress of Pakistan.

Politically, unemployment is very intensely harmful that makes people discontent and they feel a sense of insecurity. Financial problems and tensions often take their victims to an inferiority complex. They start self-hatred and lose confidence.

Psychologically, people incline to the highest paying job and fewer working hours that cause anxiety for individuals. They do not want to upskill them instead of that they demand the highest wages for their work. This can not be awarded to them and they get frustrated and like to remain unemployed rather than improve.

Unemployment is categorized into frictional, seasonal, structural, and cyclical. Frictional unemployment arises when workers try to seek jobs as may fit their ability and taste. Friction, in this case, refers to the incongruity between the worker and the job available.

The final solution for unemployment is to work

A worker may give up his old job and try to look for a new one. Sometimes, it takes time to find a new suitable job. Frictional unemployment is dependent on the rate of the frequency with which workers tend to change jobs and move to find new ones.

Such type of unemployment can be controlled by providing the employees with a variety of possible jobs. However, some frictional unemployment will remain always. Seasonal unemployment occurs when industries have a slow season. Ours is an agricultural country.

In the crop season, new jobs are created. Particularly in the cotton season, cotton factories are run. Then workers are employed there. But after the cotton season is over, the factories are closed and the workers are jobless. Thus seasonal unemployment occurs.

Structural unemployment arises from an imbalance between the kinds of workers wanted and the kinds of workers available. The imbalance may be caused by a lack of skills, location, or personal likes and dislikes. New rapid developments are taking place in technology. This necessitates new skilled workers in industries. Thus industry employs new workers skilled in the respective development. As a result, old workers who have outdated skills are left without a job.

Workers with inadequate education, skills, or training cannot get jobs. therefore Cyclical unemployment is created from a general shortage of demand for labor. When the cycle of business goes downward, demand for goods and services also goes down, the workers stop doing anything.

Unemployment is not a situation to blame your fate or others….its time to believe in yourself and unveil new employment

Unemployment is not a minor problem in its nature. It is a very grave and knotty problem. It hinders the smooth running of a country. It can cause intractable social problems and massive corruption. Therefore, it should be tackled before it paralyzes the whole structure of society. Some steps should be taken.

First of all the education system should be modified. The present system is producing such educated men as are good for nothing. They are not skilled and technically trained. To make the situation even worse, they expect cushy jobs. They do not accept menial jobs and therefore remain unemployed.

We need to give importance to skill development because this way we can end unemployment

Second, new industries should be established to create more opportunities for employment for people. New industries would accommodate those who want to do work. Third, the government should help the unemployed educated people with debts on simple and easy terms to start their own businesses.

Fourth, steps should be taken to control the population. The big population is the main cause of unemployment. Checking the birth rate is just like raising resources. Fifth, the cottage industry should be promoted in towns and villages. If these steps are taken, the problem of unemployment may be alleviated.

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