A Thirsty Crow | Moral Stories For Intermediate part 1

A Thirsty Crow | Moral Stories

A Thirsty Crow

A moral (From Latin Moralis) is a lesson that is imparted to the readers through the use of beautiful and simple words. It is a lesson that is presented through a story and sometimes it is left to readers or viewers to determine.

The moral of the message is given so that the readers might get an understanding of the lesson of becoming a good or better person. Moral stories teach us about ourselves, our lives, and others.

Through stories, we present our experiences, feelings, passions, cultures, values, and the picture of a good society. Stories have universal importance where we connect and communicate with others. Storytelling has a powerful influence on people.

Fables are inspirational for those who take a lesson from them and not for those who wait for life to teach them

Stories are an effective teaching tool through which the teacher teaches the students the different messages and morals of life. By reading and getting inspired by the morals of the stories, they try to make their lives successful and progressive.

A simple story of a crow reflects a powerful message for the readers. The crow struggles hard to achieve its target. It gets failed but does not lose heart and remains optimistic till he gets its goal.

A strong passion for any object will ensure success, for the desire of the end will point out the means

It was a month of hot summer. Everybody felt discomfort and uneasiness at the blazing heat. Even the animals and birds were looking for shade and cool water. A certain crow was also very thirsty.

He flew here, there, and everywhere in search of water but could not get it. He at once saw a pitcher on the roof of a high house. He flew up there and found it half with water. He tried his best to drink water but could not.

Life is all about learning, adopting, and converting

The water was a bit low. So for this, he could not drink it. At first, he became disappointed but soon there he hit upon a plan. He Flew to the nearest hill and fetched some pebbles in his beak and dropped many pebbles into the pitcher.

Be deaf to negative thoughts if your aim is to reach your goal

Slowly and gradually the water began to be up and rose to the mouth of the pitcher. The crow got pleased to see the situation. He filled his belly with the water and flew away happily.


  1. Necessity is the mother of inventions
  2. No pains, no gains
  3. Try Try Again Try
  4. Where there is a will, there is a way
  5. Allah helps those who help themselves

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