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Importance of Muslim Unity

Importance of Muslim Unity

Outline of Essay

Islam a religion of peace and unity

  • Divine orders for unity
  • Sayings of the Holy Prophet(PBUH)
  • Significance of Muslim unity in the past and present

Factors behind Muslim Disunity

  • Falling away from Islam 
  • Leaving off Islamic restriction

Disadvantage of disunity

  • Loss of prestige
  • Loss of Muslim unity

Need for Muslim unity

  • To bring peace to the world
  • To improve the prestige of Islam


Islam teaches us tolerance, not hatred; universal brotherhood, not enmity; peace, and not violence

Islam is a religion of peace and it presents mankind’s complete submission to the will of Allah Almighty alone. It gives lessons of peace, unity, brotherhood, justice, truth, and purity. Being a religion of peace and unity, it came to unite the world and deliver humanity from exploitation, oppression, and injustice. The Holy Quran says.
And hold fast the rope of Allah and not be divided.
The Holy Prophet(PBUH) has said:
My followers will not go astray if they remain a united body. Therefore, remain a united body.
Muslims achieved gory and success with deep faith in Allah and His Last Prophet(PBUH). The early Muslims spread Islam with devotion, love, and humanity. They contributed to all realms of knowledge when they were united in their ranks. 
They became the rulers, the guides, the leaders, and the trendsetters in the past. 
The whole world admitted and appreciated their greatness and glory. They got success everywhere with their tremendous achievements. 
With unity in their ranks, they can again make this hollow derailed, and inhuman wasteland an earthy paradise of peace, progress, and prosperity. It is painful for Muslims to admit that the Muslim Ummah is totally disunited and dispersed now. The Muslims lack unity, discipline, and harmony in their ranks. 
Their falling away from pure Islam, their pleasure in scholastic quibbles, their negligence to seek knowledge, their denial of free thought, their distrust of reason, sectarian dissensions, racial and tribal allegiances, political instability, despotism, disunity, and corruption have always contributed to their downfall.
If  the Muslims were a united, single fist, none can rise up against them
Internal troubles, external wars, and conspiracies against them intensify their disunity and put them in a quagmire. The Muslim Ummah, in spite of its rich resources, lags in every walks of life. The 1.5 billion Muslims have no say in the world.
They possess no veto power. They dance to the tunes of other countries. They seem totally helpless. Other nations are exploiting and humiliating them. They have become the victims of the so-called war against terrorism. 
They are considered fanatics, fundamentalists, and criminals. They are watching Israel and Indian atrocities on the Muslims as silent spectators. Although their honor, character, identity, ideology, and even survival are at stake due to their disunity yet they are still sleeping. 
If Islamic brotherhood comes to the fore among Islamic countries, such will become a great power that none of the global powers will be able to cope with
Unity of the Muslim Ummah is essential to maintain its freedom, progress, stability, survival, and regain its past glory and prestige. All obstacles and hindrances in the way of Muslim unity should be studied and removed.
The Muslim world must have its financial institutions, defense production units, welfare organizations, charters, etc. Muslims are not a part of any party but they are those who will bring peace, progress, and stability to this disturbed world.
With unity in their ranks, the Muslims will not only become a great nation but also remove exploitation, injustice, ignorance, cruelty, darkness, hopelessness, etc from the world. Their unity will raise their status in the comity of nations. 

Unity is strength…. when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved


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