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The Wolf and The Lamb

The Wolf and the Lamb

Might is right is a strength that is given to any person, group, or government to use the ability to dictate or control things. It is an aphorism based on morality where a person in authority exerts Power on the weak.

This idea of Might is Right is taken from Homer’s Hawk Parable where woe to the conquered is expressed clearly. Here the word Right denotes the strength of a strong who does what he can, while a weak suffers what he must.

There is nothing inherently sacred about moral codes. Like the wooden idolsΒ  of long ago, they are the work of human hands,, and what man has made, man can destroy

The following story illustrates the message of Might is Right in a beautiful manner where we see the atrocity of a wolf on the poor little lamb. He shows the strength that he is strong and can easily victimize the little weak lamb. Let’s see what he does to satisfy its power.

If might is right, then the world will tear itself apart. We must strive to create a world in which right is might

Once upon a time, there lived a wolf in a jungle. One day, he was drinking water on the bank of a stream. A little lamb was also quenching its thirst at a short distance. On seeing the lamb, the wolf’s mouth was filled with water.

He thought of some excuse to kill it. He came near the lamb and asked him why he was making the water muddy. Thereupon, the lamb replied respectfully that the water was flowing from his side and added how he could make that unclear.

Instead of trying to prove your opponent wrong, try to see in what sense he might be right

The wolf thought of inventing another excuse and asked harshly why he had rebuked him last year. The lamb answered innocently that he had even not born last year. The wolf roared angrily and said that it must have been his mother then who would have abused him.

After saying all this, the wolf pounced upon the poor lamb, tore him into pieces, and ate him heartily. This story shows a lesson that the man in power does not need any proof of innocence from the weak. He only does what he likes to.

Do not expect justice where might is right

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