Importance of Business Correspondence Vital to Build Relationships

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Importance of Business Correspondence

Business communication refers to the exchange of information in writing form for the purpose of conducting business activities.

Written communication is an important channel for providing information in business. This type of written communication used for commercial objectives is called business correspondence. 

Correspondence in business communication can take place within an organisation, between organisations, or between a client and an organisation. 

The significance of business communication stems from the fact that it is the formal means of sharing information through which professional connections between businesses, workers, and clients are maintained.

Because it is written, it can be used as a reference for the information being delivered in the future. Letters to suppliers, letters of enquiry, complaint letters, job application letters, and a few types of business correspondence are commonplace in the lives of businessmen.

Business correspondence is vital for attaining company objectives. Seeing individuals in person can be time-consuming; therefore, business correspondence assists organizations with:

Building Good Relationships

The importance of business letters is determined by the fact that they provide efficient communication at minimal expense to the company. Better communication both inside and outside of the organisation helps the business.

Acts As Evidence

By enabling businesses to keep track of information that may be used as evidence at a later date, business correspondence’s significance is further demonstrated.

Developing Goodwill

Communication between businesses contributes to their expansion. It fosters goodwill between businesses and customers because any letter, be it a complaint, piece of criticism, or suggestion—promotes a strong bond.

Costs Extremely Low

Business correspondence is a time- and money-efficient form of communication. Businesses can communicate easily using this kind of correspondence.

Removes Ambiguity in Communication

It is a formal correspondence between the involved parties that aids in clear communication.

Saving Time and Energy

Business letters is super important in the world of commerce. No one can deny it. The success of any modern business relies on the use of business letters. It is said that a letter in business is what medicine is to a patient.

Correspondence is the first linking step between business houses, the customer and within the business house to achieve the desired objective. In present days, commerce and trade have extended to such a great space, as it has become impossible for a businessman to have direct conversations with his customers and suppliers. 

Contact can be made between the manufacturer and the trader without any personal meeting through correspondence. Personal contacts involve money, time and energy – the precious properties of a business house that could be easily saved by resorting to correspondence.

A Legal Proof

We believe that correspondence keeps the relations alive. People feel the presence through correspondence even if they do not meet each other. In business, the relationship gets strengthened by frequent correspondence. Suppose a trader is to pay the supplier on a particular date. If he fails in correspondence, the supplier may get worried and lose trust in him. 

But the trader writes in advance expressing his inability to meet obligation on the specified date. It creates confidence in the mind of the supplier and future credit will not be a problem. Here a simple letter serves a great purpose. In the absence of correspondence, these things will be very much complicated.

As personal contact is not always possible, telephone or telegram may be preferred but it does not leave any legal proof of the transactions. Hence, correspondence is better because it binds the sender to come to terms.

Less Emotional

When someone speaks, he may be emotional or may lose control over his tongue and play emotion. This may cause irreparable damage to the business relationship. But when a person writes, he remains in a completely different atmosphere and the emotion does not get any sweep. 

It is always advisable to have a written document to avoid ambiguity and disputes. This also reduces the cost of travelling to a great extent. Commercial correspondence also saves us from interpersonal misunderstandings.

A Key to Success

It is said that a good letter is a master key that opens locked doors. It opens markets. It opens the way for your goods and your services. It tells about the real character of your firm.

Physical Appearance of a Letter

A letter must be attractive in its outward appearance. The following points are significant to keep in mind.

Quality of Paper

The cheaper quality of paper harms the reputation of the company using it. Generally, a well-typed letter on paper of good quality creates a good impression in the mind of the reader. Good businessmen and firms. therefore, use the best paper.

Colour of Paper

White paper is the best but some companies prefer to use light shades of grey, brown, pink and blue. Bright colours like yellow, orange, green, red, etc. are not desirable. In some large firms, different colours of paper are used for different departments.

This is a good idea because it helps to differentiate correspondence between different departments. The different copies like the first and the second copy, etc. are sometimes prepared in different colours.


There is no second opinion that all business letters should be composed. By using a computer, we not only save time but also give our letter a pleasant look. The use of two colours for accounts, statements or similar work is recommended. Nowadays, computers have increased the speed of work and given a good outlook to letters.


The letter should have a decent margin on all sides. Thus margin on all sides will give attraction and beauty. Small margins in letters create a crowded look. The margin must correspond to the size of the paper on which the letter is written.


Fold the edge of the letter very carefully. A letter must be according to the size of the envelope. It should be done with a minimum number of folds and the letter should not look bulky when placed on a cover. The folds must be well pressed down.

A letter not folded in a systematic way and not dressed in a cover will not draw the attention of the reader. When the letter is placed on a cover, it must give a fine look as if it is dressed in a tight cover.


The colour and quality of the cover must match the inside letter. The size of the cover is also important. It is a little longer than the width of the paper. Manuscripts and legal documents should be enclosed in official envelopes.

Final thoughts

The firm’s reputation to a certain extent depends upon the outgoing correspondence quality. Letter writing is an art. A letter should be capable of attracting the attention of the reader.

If there are defects in letters, they endanger the chances of winning attention. The reader does not pay favourable consideration. The high quality of the goods that are to be sold should be indicated clearly in the letter.

The paper on which the letter is written, the style of the letterhead, and the neatness of the writing should attract the attention of the reader. It is very important to remember that the general appearance of the letter will govern the impressions created in the mind of the reader.

Correspondence is a super important medium for Business Communication and Official Communication among multiple parties, and it can take any written or digital form. It could be letters, memoranda, e-mail messages, text messages, fax messages, voicemails, notes, and so on.

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