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Water Crisis Essay

Water Crisis

Β Outline

  • Significance of water for all the living creatures
  • The misuse of water in Pakistan
  • Sources of getting water
  • Causes of shortage
  • The solution to overcome the water crisis
  • Importance of Diamer and Bhasha Dams

Water is a great blessing of Allah. Every living creature plants, animals, birds trees, and human beings need water for their survival. Life is not possible if we have a shortage of water. Water provides energy and infuses life in all living things. It is also a powerful source of energy. It is used for doing all the domestic activities in homes like washing clothes, washing pots, culinary use, and also for taking baths.

We solely depend on water, if no water, no life.

It is a great source of irrigation in the fields. Agriculture depends on giving water to plants, crops, and trees. In the past, people knew the value of water when they used to fetch water from far-off places. The activities of their lives revolved around water. Many civilizations grew and lost due to the shortage of water. Now we are aware of but still do not understand the value of water.

The year 2025 is indicated as the year when Pakistan can be a water-scarce country. Now it is a water-stressed country that is creating water scarcity all over the country. This great blessing and endowment of Allah are being ignored and it is wasted all over the country. There is a lot of misuse of water in our country and we forget that at last it would be ended and we will not find any solution to this crisis. Water is wasted by humans, agriculture, and industries.

We should think about those unprivileged areas of Pakistan where people cannot get water even for drinking purposes. If we see at the interior of Sindh and the areas of Baluchistan, we find a great scarcity of water. They have to bring water from as far as thirty or forty kilometers away. They have to travel daily miles away for water for their use.

Drinking water is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

There are many sources of water. The one source of water is that water is present underground but we do not extract it properly. It is brought to the surface of the earth through electric machines and tube wells. This is one source of water. Another source of getting water is rivers, lakes, and streams where it comes by the melting of glaciers. Sometimes, when summer comes late, icebergs and glaciers do not melt and the sources of water like lakes and rivers become dry.

When the well is dry we know the worth of water. Β (Benjamin Franklin)

Unluckily in 1960, in the Indian Basin Treaty between Pakistan and India, the control of the water of Sutlej, Bias, and Ravi was given to India. And India will provide assistance to Pakistan in building two dams on Jhelum and Indus but it was never done. Even India stops the flow of water to Pakistan and Pakistan faces great difficulty in the matter of water.

The sources of water in rural areas are awfully got polluted due to improper management of waste and poor sanitation. This becomes the cause of the shortage of clean water. Globally water is becoming polluted and people are worried about that.it will be more dangerous in the future when the availability of water would be rare.

Water scarcity is now the single biggest threat to global food security.

Mismanaging the water is also a great reason for the water crisis. Here is no suitable training and education for the people to save water. People in higher authorities take improper decisions and their management is poor. In developing countries, there are no institutions to treat and manage water properly. This is only waste and mismanagement.

Even though Pakistan has a range of glaciers in the world and the Indus River Basin, Pakistan is at risk of water shortage. Due to the fewer rains in the country, drought conditions are prevailing in many areas of the country. The agriculture sector uses extensive water to irrigate crops and fields. Having old and outdated infrastructure of water, less water is saved and water wastage is high.

Β If you conserve water, it means you conserve life.

Water shortage put a great impact on health first, then on socio-economic development, and lastly on the environment. This scarcity of water whether natural or of human origin is due to a lack of resources that meet the demands of the country. Equal distribution of water is essential.

Two important elements that are required for the solution of this water scarcity are water development and the other is water management. For water development, more dams like Diamer, and Basha Dams should be constructed as soon as possible that could reserve water, and water supply should be possible.

Kala Bagh Dam is a disputed dam, all four provinces of Pakistan should have a dialogue on it, and they should solve this dispute with cooperation. Secondly, water management strategies should be made to solve the issue of the water crisis. It will help in decreasing the current losses.

Pakistan is facing various problems in the water sector and these are acute and serious issues. However, we know that with the construction of reservoirs and dams, we can produce sufficient water.

Effective management strategies are needed. With these recommendations, Pakistan will be able to meet the challenges. The objectives of efficient, environmentally, and financially maintained development and management of limited water can be achieved.

Whatever may be the occupation, water preservation is our obligation.

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  2. Brilliant lines!Water scarcity is one of the biggest challenges because safe drinking water is reducing year by year.It highlights the significance of water.

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  6. Today we have to admit that's the River,seas ,oceans doesn't carry just water, its carries LIFE.
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