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A Selection of Modern English Essays

Pakistan and the Modern World
        (Liaqat Ali Khan)

MCQs :
Select the right answer from the following options

1- The subject is chosen by Liaqat Ali Khan

(a) Pakistan and the progressive world
   (b) Pakistan and the modern world
(c) Pakistan and the sub-continent
(d) Pakistan and Asia

2- Liaqat Ali Khan received the degree from America

(a) political science
(b) honorary degree
(c) generosity degree
(d) literary degree

3- More than ______ the great explorers from Europe, voyaging out to discover the continent

(a) three centuries
(b) four centuries
(c) five centuries
(d) six centuries

4- Pakistan and the modern world is the text speech delivered by_______

(a) The Quaid e Azam
(b) Chaudhary Rehmat Ali
(c) Liaqat Ali Khan
(d) Khawja Nazim Uddin

5- Liaqat Ali Khan was born on______

(a) 1st Nov   1892
(b) 2nd Dec  1896
(c) 10 Oct    1897
(d) 1st Oct    1895

6- Liaqat Ali Khan died on____

(a) 14th Oct    1950
(b) 16 Oct      1951
(c) 18th Oct   1951
(d) 10th Oct   1951

7- Liaqat Ali Khan became the first Prime Minister of Pakistan in the year____

(a) 1947
(b) 1948
(c) 1949
(d) 1950

8- Liaqat Ali Khan delivered his speech at_____

(a) Trinity University
(b) Howard University
(c) Kansas University
(d) Washington University

9- Liaqat Ali Khan delivered a lecture at Kansas University in the year____

(a)    1948                     (b)1949
(c)   1950                      (d)  1951

10- Liaqat Ali Khan was assassinated at_____

(a) Lahore          (b) Rawalpindi
(c) Peshawar      (d) Quetta

11- According to Liaqat Ali Khan, Pakistan is a new state or to be more exact, a new_____

(a) country         (b) democracy
(c) nation           (d) homeland

12- It was not merely that whereas the Muslims were_____

(a) a few               (b) forming majority
(c) monotheists   (d) forming a minority

13- The Hindus were______

(a) in large number (b) in minority
(c) in desperation    (d) polytheists

14- Muslim believed in the_____ of all men

(a) making            (b) equality
(c) majority         (d) minority

15-  _______does not descend upon, people must raise themselves to it.

(a) cruelty          (b) poverty
(c) liberty          (d) sovereignty

16- Reality freedom means freedom from want, freedom from diseases, freedom from_____

(a) innocence        (b) ignorance
(c) insurance          (d) dominance

17- Our ancient steadfast faith must be wedded to the pioneering virility if modern______

(a) divination        (b) satisfaction
(c) peace               (d) technology

18- This is the synthesis we must achieve and achieve quickly, not merely for the sake of progress but for the sake of ______ itself.

(a) regional peace       (b) Asian peace
(c) world peace         (d) European peace

Answer the following questions given below

Q.1  Who is the narrator of the modern essay Pakistan and the modern world?

Ans:  Liaqat Ali Khan who was the first Prime Minister of Pakistanis the narrator of the essay.

Q.2 When did LIaqat Ali Khan visit America?

Ans: He visited America in 1950.

Q.3 Where did Liaqat Ali Khan deliver his speech?

Ans: He delivered his speech at the University of Kansas.

Q.4 What was the subject chosen by Liaqat Ali khan for his speech at Kansas university?

Ans: He told the Americans that he had chosen the subject of Pakistan and the modern world.

Q.5 What did he tell the American about the similarity between Pakistan and America during the freedom?

Ans:  He told them that America and Pakistani Muslims struggled alike. Their problems were the same and America can help Pakistan to overcome the problems.

Q.6  How many Muslims and Hindus lived in the sub-continent before freedom?

Ans: There lived three hundred million Hindus and one hundred million Muslims in the subcontinent.

Q.7 Was it possible to merge the Muslims and Hindus with each other as a nation?

Ans: No, it was not possible because of the great differences of religious, social, and economic between them.

Q.8 What point did Liaqat Ali Khan rightly raise before Americans?

Ans: He pointed out rightly the fact that the creation of Pakistan by itself had brought peace and happiness to Asia and Western countries.

Q.9 What kind of act did the Hindus and Sikhs with Muslims during the partition?

Ans: During the partition, the armed groups of Hindus and Sikhs were in the way of Muslims.hindus and Sikhs slaughtered numberless Muslim men, women, and children, The Muslims were weaponless.

Q.10 What kind of difficulties did Muslims face after the completion of migration?

Ans: After the completion of migration, the Muslims suffered from many difficulties.the nation had no capital, no flag, and scientists and engineering Pakistan.

Q.11 What did Liaqat Ali Khan tell the true meaning of freedom?

Ans: He said that freedom did not mean the change of rulers or freedom from foreign domination only. True freedom meant that people should be free to practice their believes and values freely. It also meant freedom from wants, freedom from disease, and freedom from ignorance.

Q.12 What were the expectations of Liaqat Ali Khan from America?

Ans: He expected to get help for Pakistan in various fields of life, like education, fun, experience, technology, science, industry, and agriculture.

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