The Beauty Industry By Aldus Huxley | Quiz on Lesson 9 B.A Part 2

The Beauty Industry Quiz

The Beauty Industry by Aldus Huxley

Select the right answer from the following options

  1. The Beauty Industry” is an interesting and______essay.

(a) sad

(b) serious

 (c) humorous

(d) critical

  1. In the essay “the beauty industry’! the writer has ridiculed the______of women for cosmetics and other beautifying aids.

(a) weakness

(b) consciousness

(c) powerfulness

(d) foolishness

  1. American women spend a lot on their beauty; the amount they spend is more than twice the yearly revenue of________.

(a) Indonesia

(b) India

(c) Spain

(d) Pakistan

  1. According to the Huxley, it an established fact that those who get wealth, start giving greater importance to their________.

(a) personal appearance

(b) knowledge

(c) health

(d) weakness

  1. Then women now are more_______as compared to the past.

(a) wise

(b) free

(c) concerned

(d) polite

  1. American women continue to spend on their face and body about________million pounds a week.

(a) one

(b) two

(c) three

(d) four

  1. American women spend_______pounds  yearly, for their beautification.

(a) 55 million pounds

(b) 56 million pounds

(c) 57 million pounds

(d) 58 million pounds

  1. Most of the majority of_______women can do just to wash and hope for the best.

(a) British

(b) American

(c) European

(d) none of these

  1. According to the writer, a woman can be called_______if she is sincere and spiritually beautiful.

(a) wise

(b) responsible

(c) non-sense

(d) beautiful

  1. He gives the main idea of the essay that the real beauty is_______beauty.

(a) eyes

(b) inner

(c) outer

(d) heart

11. The rich have always cultivated their______.
(a) appearance
(b) personal appearance 
(c) other things
(d) none of these

12. The cult of beauty must be symptomatic of changes that have taken place outside the______.
(a) economic sphere
(b) economic limitation
(c) economically
(d) none of these
13. Christian ascetic ideas no longer______us.
(a) trouble
(b) pain
(c) amuse
(d) wonder
14. Women are______ than past.
(a) freer
(b) free
(c) more beautiful
(d) most beautiful
15. We demand justice for the body as well as for the_______.
(a) soul
(b) spiritual
(c) personal appearance
(d) beauty
16. Among other things, the______made by beauty products.
(a) fortunes
(b) misfortunes
(c) amount
(d) none of these
17. It is a_______ in so far as more women retain their youthful appearance to a greater age than in the past.
(a) success
(b) failure
(c) prosperity
(d) misery
18. Old ladies are becoming rare. In a few years, we may well believe they will be_______.
(a) more than past
(b) extinct
(c) become reduce
(d) become higher
19. White hair and wrinkles, a bent back and hollow cheeks will come to be regarded as medically________.

(a) old-fashioned
(b) new-fashioned
(c) latest-fashioned
(d) none of these
20. Ugliness is one of the symptoms of______.
(a) disease
(b) poverty
(c) low status
(d) social evil

Answer the questions of the following given

Q 1: Who wrote the essay “The Beauty Industry”?

Ans: The essay The Beauty Industry ” is written by ” Aldous Leonard Huxley”.

Q 2: When did the Aldous Huxley born?

Ans: Aldous Huxley born on November 26, 1894 in England.

Q 3: When did the Aldous Huxley die?

Ans: He died on November 28, 1963.

Q 4: What was the profession of the Aldous Huxley?

Ans: He was an English writer, philosopher and a prominent member of the Huxley family.

Q 5: Which are the famous novels of Aldous Huxley?

Ans: He was best known for his novels ” Chrome Yellow, Antic Hay, Those Barren Leaves”, ” Point counterpoint” and Eyeless Gaza” etc.

Q 6: What is meant by the beauty industry?

Ans: The people in this modern age are trying to become more beautiful and having more charm is increasing the demand for the relevant products. To use these products widely has become the beauty industry.

Q 7: Which industry, according to the writer is never affected in any crisis?

Ans: The beauty industry is the only industry in America which remained unaffected by the past economic depressions.

Q 8: How much American women spend on their beautification?

Ans: The American women spend about three million pounds a week on their beautification.

Q 9: What does the writer tell about the European women?

Ans: The European women, do not spend too much amount, but they are also increasing day by day their expenditure on beautification.

Q 10: How the beauty industry has changed the behavior of the people?

Ans: A huge expenditure on modern beauty has made various causes. First, it has spread wealth and prosperity for a luxurious life. Second, growing freedom has made the ladies away from morals. The third change in thinking about Christian austere ideas.

Q 11: What the humorous comment say the writer about the old ladies?

Ans: He says that the old ladies are growing rare and rare because they keep themselves young by using beauty products.

Q 12: What are the writer’s views about the beauty?

Ans: The writer says that the actual beauty is the inner or spiritual beauty. According to Huxley, outer beauty does not matter but spiritual beauty.

Q 13: How does surgical and chemical aid effect on our beautification?

Ans: Huxley tells us that use of surgical’ and chemical aids are good for beautification but their excessive use can make us ugly and repulsive.

Q 14: How are the producers earning a lot from the beauty products?

Ans: The producers of beauty products and aids are earring a lot. They have advertised that ugliness is a symptom of the disease and beauty is a sign of health and charm.

Q 14: What things make the faces ugly and dull?

Ans: Many factors make the faces ugly and dull such as Melancholy, hardness, greed, avarice, unawareness,- stupidity, unwise acts, listlessness, lasciviousness, and even spiritual or psychological ugliness etc.

Q 15: Once the writer meets two over-painted women, what does he feel about the women?

Ans: When the Huxley meets the overpainted make up two women, the writer concludes that they no more look like human beings. Over-painting beauty spoils the women’s charm

Q 16: What according to the writer, is necessary for real beauty?

Ans: We should develop good qualities in ourselves. We should also make our attitudes well and charming that could attract others to the core of their hearts.

Q 17: What type of writer the Huxley?

Ans: Huxley was a moralistic thinker who loved to examine the socle: conventions and established practices in the light of religious principles.

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