Are Doctors Men of Science Lesson #10 Quiz & Short Question Answers

Are Doctors Men of Science

Are Doctors Men of Science by George Bernard Shaw

MCQs : Select the right answer from the following options

1. George Bernard Shaw is a keen_______about the different profession.

(a) observer

(b) follower

(c) reader

(d) preacher

2. ” Are Doctors Men of Science” is a_________on registered medical practitioners.

(a) narration

(b) documentary

(c) manual story

(d) Satire

3. The writer narrates that there is a widely spread delusion that every______is a man of science.

(a) Hakims

(b) Charmer

(c) Herbalist

(d) quack

4. Every Captain of a trading schooner is______.

(a) Darwin

(b) Beethoven

(c) Galileo

(d) Shakespeare

5. Every organ-grinder a______.

(a) Helmholtz
(b) Beethoven

(c) George Stephenson
(d) Darwin

6. Every piano-tuner is________.

(a) Helmholtz

(b) Shakespeare
(c) Darwin

(d) None of these

7. According to Shaw an educated man who continuously reads scientific_______know more about science than a Careless doctor.

(a) journals

(c) tips

(b) syllabus

(d) assignments

8. Who cannot sign on the death certificate?

(a) a quack
(b) a layman

(c) a registered practitioner

(d) a qualified doctor

9. Shaw tells that most people think that every doctor is a  man_______.

(a) diplomacy
(b) Arts

(c) science
(d) Profession

10. Doctoring is________not a science.

(a) Entertainment-

(b) field

(c) Fun

(d) Engineering

11. No doctor seems able to advise you what to eat any better than a_______.

(a) father

(b) elder sister

(c) grandmother

(d) mother

12. The registered doctors, the quacks, the bone setters and the herbalists- all are________.

(a) different

(b) equal

(c) foolish

(d) out of sense
13. How many types of doctors are described in the essay?
(a) one type
(b) two types
(c) three types
(d) four type
14. The humblest professionals are?
(a) herbalists
(b) dentists
(c) homeopathic
(d) doctors
15. The word dupe means.
(a) cure of disease
(b) victim of deception
(c) healthful recipient
16. Most of the quacks are unable to read.
(a) a test reports
(b) scientific books
(d) prescriptions
17. Who can earn money than surgeons?
(a) herbalists
(b) quacks
(c) chemists
(d) bone-setters
Doctor only diagnoses the_______and prescribes the suitable medicine.
(a) affliction
(b) malady
(c) ailment
19. Science is a complete thinking process, nothing a there on_______.
(a) rumor
(b) thought
(c) speculation
(d) assessment
20. _________ man thinks that every captain of a trading schooner is Galileo.
(a) an ignorant
(b) a common
(c) an educated
(d) a sensible

Answer the following questions

Q I: Who was George Bernard Shaw?

Ans: Bernard Shaw was a famous novelist, playwright, music critic, and a reformer.

Q2: When did the Shaw born?

Ans: Bernard Shaw was born on July 26, 1856 in Dublin, Ireland.

Q 3: When did the Bernard Shaw die?

Ans: Bernard Shaw died on November 02, 1950.

Q 4: Are the doctors men of science? What- is the view of the George Bernard Shaw?

Ans: According to George Bernard Shaw today• most of the doäors no more men of science. The majority of doctors are as scientific, in their work on their tailors.

Q 5: What does Shaw have a view about doctors that they have no interest in their profession?

Ans: He says that doctoring has become an art, not it is a science. Doctors have no knowledge of science and even they have lost interest in their profession.

Q 6: How does a common also -know more about science than qualified doctors?

Ans: Every layman interested in science knows more about science than practicing doctors. Practicing doctors very rarely make any contribution to the field of science.

Q 7: Who are quacks?

Ans: According to George Bernard Shaw, the quacks are such practitioners who have read form books about diagnosing. They have no proper degree of doctoring.

Q 8: What is the difference between qualified doctors and quacks?

Ans: The qualified doctors can sign on the death certificate while the quacks cannot.

Q 9: How much, the quacks are earning money?

Ans: They are earning a lot of money nowadays, as much money as any registered medical practitioner may earn that.

Q 10: Which other kinds of quacks and unregistered practitioners George Bernard Shaw tell us?

Ans: He tells us that there are many kinds of quacks and unregistered practitioners, like Bone-setters, hygienists, herbalists, and hakims.

Q 11: Who are the charmers?

Ans: In villages, witches prescribe spells and sell charms, so these are also called charmers.

Q 12: How do all these medical men do their work?

Ans: In fact, these qualified doctors and all other work on trial and error diagnose the diseases in the same method that is a risk.

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