Paid ADB Internship Program 2024 by Asian Development Bank

Paid ADB Internship Program 2024

ADB Internship Program offers graduate students a project-oriented learning opportunity to gain hands-on experience in line with ADB’s current operational requirements on a global scale. With a diverse workforce representing over 60 countries, ADB provides a paid internship experience that spans 8 to 11 weeks, allowing participants to actively contribute to multiple projects.

Why Choose ADB for Your Career

ADB internship program is aligned with ADB’s overarching vision and commitment to poverty alleviation and socio-economic development is reflected in its selection of highly talented individuals.

  • ADB’s workforce represents a truly global diversity and inclusive professional environment.
  • A fulfilling mission to achieve a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable future for Asia and the Pacific.
  • A knowledge-sharing platform where sharing expertise is encouraged and integral to our success.
  • Career Development to fostering professional development.
  • ADB’s commitment to sustainable development ensures impactful work contributes to positive change.
  • Inclusive Vision ensures every team member’s unique background and capabilities an integral to the success of our mission.

Biannual Selection of Talented Individuals

ADB selects motivated and impactful individuals biannually and encourages applications from motivated, open-minded, and self-directed individuals. Interns gain valuable skills and experiences, contributing to their personal and professional growth.

During the application process, interns have the opportunity to select assignments that align with their academic backgrounds and career preferences.

ADB Internship Program Benefits

  • Working in a prominent international development organization.
  • Collaborating with experienced professionals from over 50 different countries.
  • Gaining a profound understanding of development finance and ADB’s impact.
  • Contributing to ADB’s business through research outputs.

Candidates’ Eligibility Criteria

  • Be enrolled in a Master’s or PhD program at a school in one of the ADB member nations.
  • Engage in academic study directly related to ADB’s work.
  • Be a national of an ADB member country.
  • Possess excellent English language skills.
  • Have professional experience relevant to the assignment.
  • Close relatives of ADB personnel are not eligible to apply. 

The application process is online through the ADB Career and Employment System (ACES), eliminating the need for school registration and nomination.

Selection Process

  • Eligible candidates apply through ACES, choosing assignments of interest.
  • Candidates submit their applications, including CVs and responses to essay questions, on ACES.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered; applicants are advised not to wait until the last day.
  • ADB evaluates applications based on eligibility, academic and work relevance, and motivation to contribute to development work. Institutional representation, gender, and nationality balance are also considered.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Potential Job Opportunities

The ADB Internship Program serves as a strategic stepping stone for graduates, offering not only a rich learning experience but also a platform to contribute meaningfully to international development.

Former interns are given preference for full-time job opportunities at ADB, providing a potential career pathway within the organization.

Participants emerge equipped with valuable skills, global perspectives, and the potential for a rewarding career within ADB.

Stipend and Duration

A stipend is provided based on location, covering up to 56 calendar days.

Partial Airfare Coverage

ADB offers partial coverage for airfare travel costs if necessary, making the program accessible to a wider pool of talented individuals.

More Details

  • The purpose of the ADB Internship Program is to exchange knowledge with external partners and identify potential future staff. It facilitates collaboration, enriches interns’ learning through real-world projects, and serves as a talent pipeline for ADB’s future workforce.
  • The internship duration ranges from 8 to 11 weeks, allowing for significant engagement and learning.
  • Applicants can directly submit their applications online through the ADB Career and Employment System (ACES). There is no need for nominations from their schools, and school registration with ADB is no longer a mandatory requirement.
  • Students can inquire directly at
  • The ADB Internship Program is exclusively open to students at the post-graduate level.
  • The ADB public site, accessible through the Internship Program link, contains detailed internship guidelines and the application process. It is strongly recommended to carefully review the site to ensure a clear understanding of the selection and application procedures.
  • Internship applicants must be nationals of ADB member countries.
  • ADB does not consider applications from immediate family members, including Spouse, Children (natural and adopted), Mother, Father, Brother (including half-brother), Sister (including half-sister), Niece, Nephew, Aunt, Uncle.
  • Interns are responsible to cover accommodation, transportation, and food expenses, as well as a portion of the airfare. It is mandatory to procure comprehensive insurance coverage for the entire internship duration before departing for Manila.
  • Internship assignments primarily take place at ADB’s headquarters in Manila, Philippines. However, assignments at Resident Missions are also available, with specific locations indicated in the postings. Internships for local students from nearby schools operating under a different timetable are announced on the website.
  • The application portal provides updates on the status of each application, indicating whether it is under evaluation, regret, or hired. Successful applicants are notified directly through email by ADB HR.
  • For internships based in Manila, it is essential to ensure that the candidate’s passport remains valid for at least 6 months before his/her arrival and upon departure from Manila. If his/her nationality necessitates an entry visa, ADB will initiate the request with the Philippine Embassy in your location, and he/she will subsequently apply for the visa as required.
  • The working schedule is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with a one-hour lunch break. Any alternative preferred schedules should be discussed with supervisors.
  • Past interns with ADB are not eligible to apply for additional internships with the organization. 
  • Completing an internship does not guarantee automatic employment with ADB. Nevertheless, ADB encourages former interns to apply for positions once they have graduated from their respective schools.

Closing Date

The last date to apply is 15-02-2024

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