Quiz on Hosts and Guests Lesson #11 by Max Beerbohm

Quiz On Hosts and Guests

Quiz on Hosts and Guests

MCQs: Selection of the right answer from the following options.

1. Beerbohm says that mankind may be divided into________classes.

(a) two

(b) three

(c) four

(d) five

2. According to Beerbohm, there is no_______difference between hosts and guests.

(a) clear

(b) sharp

(c) minor

(d) None of these

3. The people who have an active and positive instinct to offer hospitality are______.

(a) relatives

(b) guests

(c) friends

(d) hosts

4. The people Who have the negative and passive instinct to accept it are the______.

(a) hosts

(b) guests

(c) relatives

(d) humanists

5. Animals like lions. cats and birds do not share their______with other animals.

(a) food

(b) babies

(c) place

(d) area

6. The cavemen did not offer________and there was no such thing as hosts and guests.

(a) sympathy

(b) place

(c) hospitality

(d) food

7. How did hospitality get more advancement?

(a) by the development of man’s attitude

(b) By the development of modem states

(c) by the progress in industrial life

(d ) by the progress in man’s civilization

8. With man’s progress________became more a routine matter.

(a) hospitality

(b) new living style

(c) preparation for war

(d) none of these

9. Ancient______made no difference between hosts and guests.

(a) Greek

(b) Romans

(c) Russian

(d) Americans

10. _______a warrior killed guests under the roof.

(a) William Haney

(b) Odysseus

(c) King of England

(d) none of these

11. An Israelite, woman________who committed a deed of cold-blooded treachery.

(a) Adina

(b) Jae

(c) Aanat Raye

(d) Devorah

12. The ancient_______killed rare persons in their places.

(a) Common people

(b) Farmers

(c) Rulers

(d) soldiers

13. According to Beerbohm, in_______century, the civilization in Rome was at the peak of brilliance.

(a) Fifteenth

(b) Sixteenth

(c) Seventeenth

(d) Eighteenth

14. In______play ” Macbeth”, Macbeth and lady Macbeth killed their guest king, Duncan under their

(a) Anton Chekhov

(b) A.A Millen

(c) Shakespeare

(d) none of these

15. Beerbohm says that every virtue is a mean between________extremes.

(a) two

(c) four

(b) three

(d) five

16. The writer also expresses his viewpoint that the host as a guest is______far than the guest as a host.

(a) better

(b) prideful

(c) worse

(d) surprising

17. The author concludes that when hospitality becomes an art, it loses its very______.

(a) structure

(b) soul

(c) beauty

(d) color

Answer the Questions Given Below

Q 1: What does the writer point out in the essay “Hosts and Guests”?

Ans: Max Beerbohm points out the difference between hosts and guests and their merits and demerits.

Q 2: How does a man borne with his nature?

Ans: There exists a temperamental difference between hosts and guests. Some persons ate born guests, others are born hosts.

Q 3: What is hospitality?

Ans: Hospitality is a form of serving someone by giving them great respect.

Q 4: For whom the quality of hospitality is specified?

Ans: Basically hospitality is human civil quality. Animals especially dogs and cats do not share their food with others.

Q 5: What is the general concept of rich and poor for hosts and guests?

Ans: There is a deep sense of a personal property that is common to all creatures. It is a common practice for the rich to give and the poor to receive. But it is not sure because neither all the rich are hosts, nor all the poor guests.

Q 6: What is the history of man’s hospitality?

Ans. A man was not hospitable, in ancient days, the Israelites and the Homeric Greek-like Odysseus did not prove good hosts.

Q 7: How has man become conscious of hospitality?

Ans: Man learned hospitality as man progressed in civilization.

Q 8: Who are the good hosts according to the writer?

Ans: According to the writer the Englishmen are good hosts.

Q 9: What thing makes the man host or guest?

Ans: Wealth develops a host ship while poverty promotes a guest ship.

Q 10: Who are good guests and what does the writer has a description?

Ans: According to the writer, good guests stand between a parasite and a Churl. The writer was a guest by nature.

Q 11: Who is a good guest?

Ans: The good guest is full of gratitude and humility. He does not glorify himself.

Q 12: What does the writer prefer to do?

Ans: While concluding all about the hosts and guests, the writer prefers guest instinct to the host instinct.

Q 13 Who was Max Beerbohm?

Ans: Max Beerbohm was a parodist, caricaturist, humanist, writer, and broadcaster. He was famous for his satirical love story: “Zuleikha Dobson” which he wrote in 1911.

Q 14: When did Max Beerbohm born?

Ans : Mai Beerbohm born in August 24, 1872.

Q 15: when did the Max Beerbohm die?

Ans : Max Beerbohm died in May 20; 1956.

Q 16: Who wrote the essay Hosts and guests?

Ans: Max Beerbohm wrote the essay Hosts and guests.

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