Parts of speech & Tenses | Correction MCQs for B.A Part-2


Correction of Parts of speech & Tenses


Exercise No.l

1. Slow and steady (win) the race.

(a) wins

(b) won

(c) had won

(d) will have won

2. This bike (sell) before I came.

(a) was sold 

(b) is sold

(c) none

(d) will be sold

3. The mother told her daughters that she (decided) to go to Faisalabad.

(a) has decided

(b) had decided 

(c) will have decided

(d) will decide

4. My laptop (be) on the table.

(a) are

(b) is

(c) am

(d) are

5. Aslam_____to college every day.

(a) come

(b) comes

(c) has come

(d) will come

6. I have not yet________my work.

(a) completed 

(b) complete

(c) completes

(d) completing

7. He______to see him last Friday.

(a) went

(b) had gone

(c) has gone

(d) have gone

8. Before he came, they (talk) about the match.

(a) are talking

(b) were talking

(c) talked

(d) will talk

9. In five days, the visitors________ all the historical places.

(a) will have visited 

(b) visit

(c) are visiting

(d) had been visiting

10. I______(pay) off the loan as soon as I get my salary.

(a) had paid

(b) has paid

(c) pay

(d) will pay

11. Before he leaves, we_______this assignment.

(a) will finish

(b) will have finished

(c) finish

(d) finished

12. The sun_______in the west.

(a) rises

(b) has risen

(c) rose

(d) will rise

13. He generally_______Arabic.

(a) will speak

(b) had spoken

(c) is speaking

(d) speaks

14. She (sew) her clothes now.

(a) will sew

(b) none

(c) is sewing

(d) was sewing

15. When the mobile phone rang, I________ a shower.

(a) have been having

(b) had had

(c) was having 

(d) had

16. We got into the train and (sit) down

(a) sat

(b) were sitting

(c) will be sitting

(d) was sitting

17. He does not know where Akram (live) nowadays.

(a) had been living

(b) lives

(c) lived

(d) was living

18. He reached thereafter he_______the news.

(a) will hear

(b) had heard

(c)have heard


19. By next March, you________ book on poetry.

(a) are writing

(b) will have written

(a) will write

(d) were writing

20. He (call) on me yesterday.

(a) will call

(b) has called

(c) had

(d) called

21. Milk Shake (be) being prepared for you now.

(a) shall have

(b) were

(c) was

(d) is

22. All that (glitter) is not gold.

(a) will have glittered

(b) glitters

(c) will

(d) has glittered

23. I (suffer) from fever since last night.

(a) have been suffering 
(b) is suffering
(c) was suffering
(d) will have suffered

24. Last Sunday, it (be) very hot.
(a) had been

(b) is

(c) was
(d) had

25. His donkey (die) a few days ago.

(a) will have died

(b) was dying
(c) is dying

(d) died

26. The brave soldiers_______until they die.

(a) had fought

(b) fought

(c) will fight

(d) fight

27. He has never________a lie.

(a) had told
(b) telling

(c) told
(d) none

28. My father will make my brothers________regularly.

(a) can work
(b) should work

(c) works

(d) work

29. Today, he________there for the first time.

(a) is going
(b) was going
(c) shall have gone
(d) has gone

30. I saw him________ out of the cabin.
(a) went

(b) gone

(c) going/go 
(d) goes

31. No sooner did we reach the railway Station than the train________.

(a) start

(b) will start

(c) started

(d) starts

32. He (not like) fast food.

(a) is not
(b) was not
(c) had not liked

(d) does not like

33. Let us go back home before the rain________.

(c)will start
(d)had started

34. This child does nothing but_________.
(a) cry

(b) cries

(c) has cried
(d) had cried

35. Unless he_____hard,  he cannot obtain good marks.

(a) worked

(b) shall work
(c) has worked

(a) works

36. I wish i________ a religious scholar!

(a) were/ had been

(b) was

(c) could


37. She cried as if she________in great pain.
(a) has been
(b) was

(c) is

(d) were

38. I________ill for a week.

(a) have been 
(b) am

(c) was

(d) were

39. The oldman_________ upset for a week when we met him last.

(a) has been
(b) had been 

(c) is

(d) was

40. The doctor has just come in and_______the patients in ten minutes.

(a) will examine

(b) examined
(c) examines
(d) examining

41. I________ my pen but cannot remember where I last saw it.

(a) have lost

(b) will lose
(c) had lost
(d) lose

42. You_____ when I invited you.

(a) did not come 
(b) will not come
(c) do not come
(d) had not come

43. I______what he has just said to me.

(a) forgetting

(b) wiIl never forget 
(c) forget

(d) forgot

44. He was going back his home when I_________him last Friday.

(a) had met

(b) will meet
(c) have met

(d) met

45. The sun_____ before we were ready to leave.

(a) will rise

(b) has risen

(c) had risen
(d) rose

46. When I met him, he______in Jhang.

(a) live
(b) has lived
(c) was living
(d) living

47. I usually________in  black ink.

(a) writes

(b) am writing

(c) write
(d) was writing

48. The principal_______as soon as my lecture is over.

(a) may come

(b) come

(c) has come

(d) comes

49. My cousin________to have a stay with me next week.

(a) came

(b) is coming

(c) come

(d) has come

50. You had better________with some surgeon.

(a) consult
(b) consulted
(c) would consult
(d) to consult

51. You_______not go to Karachi and meet him.

(a) dared

(b) dares

(c) dare
(d) are daring

52. They______for misbehavior.
(a) fine

(b) was fined
(c) were fined

53. She_______that she has never been to Karachi.
(a) say

(b) says

(c) will say

(d) said

54. No one knows for how long it (drizzle).

(a) will drizzle
(b) drizzled
(c) had been drizzled
(d) drizzles

55. The killer_______in the central jail.

(a) was hanged

(b )hung

(c) hang

(d) hanged

56. The Ravi has________its banks.

(a) overflows

(b) overflowed
(c )overflow
(d) overflowing

57. Do not cry like that or you_________.

(a) fined

(b) will be fined
(c) are fined
(d) were fined

58. Either he-or they_________repsonsible for this fuss.


(b) is
(c) be
(d) am

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