The Bachelor’s Dilemma Lesson #12 | Quiz For B.A Part-2

The Bachelor's Dilemma

The Bachelor’s Dilemma Lesson 12

This quiz includes multiple-choice questions and short questions and their answers for BA or Associate Degree Program students. Educational Lodge focused here to help students prepare for an objective paper.

MCQs of The Bachelor’s Dilemma

Select the right answer from the following options.

1. The Bachelor’s Dilemma is the thought-provoking and________essay.
(a) serious
(b) humorous
(c) funny
(d) critical
2. Herbert Gold has presented an amusing story of the life of a_______.

(a) married man

(b) bachelor

(c) an aged man

(d) confirmed bachelor

3. Herbert Gold says that a confirmed bachelor is a man who dares to recognize his lack of________.

(a) conscious

(b) propagandas

(c) convictions

(d) None of these

4. A confirmed bachelor is like a________ who swings between love and marriage.

(a) Reeling acrobat

(b) Mad man

(c) Entrapper

(d) Serious kind of a person

5. Which kind of woman, who fees that she, has been deprived of such a handsome man?

(a) UnMarried

(b) Middle-aged

(c) Young

(d) married woman

6. Who takes pity on a bachelor?

(a) a married man

(b) a middle-aged man

(c) an old man

(d) another bachelor

7. Another bachelor considers him his_________.

(a) friend
(b) rival

(c) relative

(d) fellow

8. _______girl recognizes in him a possible catch.

(a) Young married

(b) aged married

(c) young unmarried

(d) too Younger

9. Who considers him an extra man on the dining table?

(a) a woman

(b) an old lady
(c) a small man
(d) a hostess

10. A______sees the bachelor as a patient. Who has an abnormal mind.

(a) Charmer

(b) Preacher
(c) Psychiatrist

(d) Wise man

11. How does a bachelor may consider himself a healthy and happy man?

(a) Because of free from burden

(b) because of a lot of work

(c) Because of responsibilities

(d) because Of abnormal mind

12. Doctors say that bachelors die young, as compared to_______.

(a) old men

(b) old married men

(c) young married men

(d) none of these

13. What is the major problem of a confirmed bachelor?

(a) Food

(b) work

(c) Sexual aim

(d) meeting

14. Sex creates________kinds of bachelors.

(a) three

(b) two

(c) four

(d) five

15. What are two kinds of bachelor’s?

(a) One Bold and other Meek

(b) One fighter and another coward

(c) One player and other workers

(d) one strong other weak

16. Herbert Gold gives the example of a microscopic organism while comparing it with a bachelor.

(a) Paramecium

(b) euglena

(c) amoeba

(d) parasite

17. A confirmed bachelor remains in a_______and knows no remedy.

(a) dilemma

(b) pleasant

(c) happiness

(d) house

18. Why does a confirmed bachelor die?

(a) because of stomach disease

(b) because of no partner

(c) Because of worries

(d) because of a heart attack

Answer the Following Questions Given Below

Q 1: Who is Herbert Gold?

Ans: Herbert Gold is an eminent American novelist, essayist, editor, and short story writer.

Q 2: When did Herbert Gold born?

Ans: Herbert Gold was born iS 1924, in Cleaveland, Ohio.

Q 3: Which are the famous novels of Herbert Gold?

Ans: Herbert Gold wrote many great novels and short fiction Which earned him fame. Some of his great novels are “Birth of a Hero,” “The man who was not with it, “The Father” and “The Family”.

Q 4: What kind of the essay “Bachelor’s Dilemma” is?

Ans: The essay “Bachelor Dilemma “is ‘funny, thought-provoking, and humorous. In this essay, the writer presents the real picture of the different problems of a Bachelor.

Q 5: How does a Bachelor do his differently?

Ans: A Bachelor is like an acrobat in a circus. He swings between love and marriage. He has to face problems in society.

Q 6: What do you say about the confirmed bachelor?

Ans: The confirmed bachelor is found in all the big cities of America. He has a lack of conviction and decisive power.

Q 7: How do the people react to the bachelor?

Ans: People react to his presence differently and gather around him for enjoyment.

Q 8: Who finds the bachelor as a bad example of their husband?

Ans: Many women who are married, see him as a bad example of their husband. Some have tender feelings for him.

Q 9: What do married men think about the bachelor?

Ans: Some married men think him a lucky fellow who ‘has avoided the tender trap of marriage. Some. see a rival in him. Some take him as a joker. Some take pity on him for not tasting the joys of matrimonial life.

Q 10: What is the behavior of unmarried girls to a bachelor?

Ans: Unmarried girls try to entice him in different ways, some take him as a possible catch while some take him as a woman as a later.

Q 11: Write the thinking of the hostess about the Bachelor?

Ans: A hostess considers him an extra man on the dining table. Another bachelor considers him either a comrade or a rival.

Q 12: What does the bachelor feel when he sees the mirror?

Ans: When a bachelor looks at himself in the mirror, he feels alone, haunted by both happy and unhappy thoughts.

Q 13: What are the main problems of the bachelor?

Ans: A bachelor has to face many problems like digestion, etc. His major problem is sex with somebody. He is living bold enough, He seeks his woman throughout his life but can not.

Q 14: What kind of bachelors, the sex produces?

Ans: Sex produces two kinds of bachelors, one is attractive, capable, and efficient and is bold in his decisions. The other one is a meek and mild fellow and cowardice.

Q 15: What things remain unfulfilled for a bachelor in his life?

Ans: It has been concluded by Max Beerbohm that a bachelor is always deprived of true love. Some of the bachelors fail to face difficulties and decide to marry as soon as possible

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