Quiz Questions on The Old Man And The Sea for B.A Online Exam

Quiz Questions on The Old Man And The Sea

Quiz & Short Questions | The Old Man and The Sea

MCQs: Select the right answer from the following options

1- The novel Old Man and the Sea is written by;
   (a) Dickinson             (b) Ernest Hemingway
   (c) Shakespeare         (d) None of these
2- The name of Old Man is_________
   (a)Santios                 (b)Santiago 
   (c)Marlin                  (d)Manloin
3- Who is the Old man’s hero?
   (a)His father               (b) The boy
   (c)Joe Di Maggio      (d) Giant fish
4- Where were the old man’s most severe injuries located?
     (a) His shoulders      (b) his neck
     (c) his hands            (d) his legs
5- What does the old man say, “He will do if he succeeds in catching the fish”.
    (a) say prayers             (b)denote some of the fish
    (c)buy the boy a gift     (d) start attending church
6- What does the old man often dream about?
     (a) fish              (b)his loved ones
     (c)lions             (d) riches
7- How does the old man know which direction is to his home?
    (a) he has a compass       (b) he follows the birds
    (c)he hears church bells  (d)he sees the lights at harbor
8- What is the basic theme of the novel?
    (a) never give up                         (b)hard work is rewarded
    (c) money can’t give happiness   (d)leave what others say
9- With whom did the old man live?
     (a) no one      (b)the boy
     (c)the wife     (d) a friend
10- What does the boy bring to the old man?
      (a) a news paper     (b)   a blanket
      (c) a dress               (d)  rice and beans
11- What does the old man call the sea?
     (a) La mar      (b) my beauty
     (c)my dera       (d)  el mar
12- For what sport did people refer to the old man as champion?
       (a)fishing       (b)running
       (c) baseball     (d)arm wrestling 
13- While eating his hooked fish, what did the old man wish he had?
     (a)beer           (b) salt
     (a)fire            (d)utensils
14- What does the giant fish do that means he is coming near the death
    (a) jumps repeatedly   (b)snaps at the boat
    (c)circles the boat       (d)sinks
15- Soon after he killed the giant fish, what showed up?
     (a) the coast guard      (b)the boy
     (c)its mate                  (d)a shark
16- What was the old man wandering about the fish?
     (a) What the boy would say        (b)if he could catch any other
     (c)whether it was as in                (d)if this would be his last big catch
17- What does the old man plan to add to the boat for his next trip?
    (a) salt                                          (b) more newspaper
    (c)a rock to sharpen his knife   (d)a torchlight
18- what happened around midnight while he was rowing the home?
    (a)the old man fell sleep                            (b) the old man started to make noise
    (c)a group of sharks attacked the marlin   (d) the old man deadly tired and left the prey
19- How did the boy feel, when he found the old man after returning from a long journey?
    (a)proud          (b) angry
    (c)concerned   (d) happy
20- How big was the fish caught by the old man?
    (a) 10 feet          (b) 15 feet

    (c)18 feet           (d)  25 feet

21- What part of the fish would the boy get?

(a) the tail      (b) the eye
(c) the head    (d) the fins

22- What was the last thing the old man did in the story?

(a) prayed     (b) ate something
(c) slept        (d) died

23- On the opening of the novel, Santiago couldn’t catch any fish for days.

(a) 40 days     (b) 60 days
(c) 84 days     (d) 120 days

24- Manolin’s parents forbade him for fishing with Santiago and declared the old man a Salao that means

(a) crazy      (b) washed up
(c) selfish    (d) the worst form of unlucky

25- How does the Hemingway describe the old man’s eyes,

(a)  full of pain    (b)  blank with defeat
(c) they betray the weariness (d) they are as the color of the sea

26- Who is Santiago’s hero?

(a) Harry Truman      (b) Joe Di Maggio
(c) Dick Sisler           (d) Fidel Castro

27- What hangs on the wall of the old man’s shack?

(a) A picture  of his wife  (b) The baseball scores
(c) A mounted Fish                (d) All of the above

28- Before going on a fishing expedition after 84 days while promising the boy Manolin what kind of dreams the Old Man have?

(a) A great storm          (b) A beautiful women
(c) Lions on the beach  (d) A wrestling match

29- What kind of fish does the Santiago first catch?

(a) A Tuna      (a) Marlin
(c) Shark         (d) Shrimp

30- The size of the hooked Marlin.

(a) 30 feet   (b) 20 feet
(c) 18 feet   (d) 16 feet

31- In which year was The Old Man and the Sea Published?

(a) 1950       (b) 1951
(c) 1952       (d) 1960

32- What happens to make Santiago curse the treachery of his own body?

(a) He gets sick               (b) He has diarrhea
(c) His hands cramps    (d) He needs to sleep

33- Great Di Maggio suffers from what affliction?

(a) A bone pure        (b) Alcoholism
(c) A ruined knee     (d) Falling eyesight

34- What does the old man remove and eat from the belly of a dolphin?

(a) Shrimp      (b) Flying fish
(c) seaweed    (d) Piranha

35- In how much time the sharks arrive and attack to the Marlin?

(a) Ten minutes            (b) One hour
(c) Seven hours            (d) A full day

36- What food does the old man eat during his ordeal?

(a) tuna fish            (b)  raw fish 
(c)marlin                 (d) jelly fish

37- The organ which gave the old man constant trouble?

(a)left leg           (b) left arm
(c)left hand        (d) right hand

38- What does the changing angle of the fishing line tell him?

(a) that the fish is coming up     (b) that the fish is towing

       (c)that the fish is jerking            (d) None of these

39- How does the old man become champion?

(a)by his hand game with negro      (b)by his fishing expedition
(c)by his experience                           (d) by his interest in baseball

40- What does the old man use for killing the Marlin?

  (a)harpoon                 (b)knife
(c)club                        (d)spear

41- The weight of the fish Marlin is

(a) 1000 pound           (b)1500 pound
(c)250 pound              (d)100 pound

42- Which literary award did the old man and the sea win in 1953?

(a)the noble prize                         (b) the Pulitzer prize
(c) the national book award          (d)the book prize

43- 1936, Hemingway wrote a piece about a Cuban fisherman dragged to sea by a giant marlin for______magazine.

(a) life                    (b)vogue
 (c)esquire               (d) national geographic

44- Ernest  Hemingway had been serving as an ambulance driver during which American military             conflict

(a)the civil war             (b)the world war 1
(c)the world war 2        (d)the 100 years war

45- Ernest Hemingway began his writing career as a reporter for which city’s newspaper?

(a)Kansas City                  (b) Louisville
(c)St.Louis                        (d) Atlanta

46- Who forced Manolin to leave Santiago to fish by himself?

(a) The Church             (b) his parents
(c)Santiago                   (d) the authorities

47- What kind of shark is the first to attack Santiago’s boat after?

(a) great white               (b)mako
(c)hammerhead             (d) sand shark

48- The Marlin first joined the old man for fishing

(a)18                         (b)10
   (c)5                           (d)12

49- How does the boy again join the old man?

(a)his mother            (b) Santiago
(c) the Marlin          (d)his father

50- How many times does Santiago dream about lions at play on the beaches of Africa?

(a) three              (b) five
(c)seven               (d)twelve

51- What eternal law both Santiago and marlin subject to?

(a)nothing is forever         (b)life, liberty, and happiness
(c)the universe is endless  (d)kill or be killed

52- Santiago’s admiration for the marlin brings love and respect into an equation with_____

(a) kindness            (b) death
(c)hatred                 (d) peace

53- How are Santiago’s eyes described?

(a)splotched and scared             (b) clear with purpose
(c)simple as the sky                   (d)cheerful and undefeated

54- What do Santiago and marlin take at the terrace cafe before Santiago sets out to his journey?

(a) a bear                  (b)breakfast
(c)money                  (d)tea

55- What does Santiago offer to make Manolin for dinner

(a)rice and beans                 (b) Cooked masa
(c) yellow rice with fish        (d)sausages

56- During the journey to the sea, which animal does the Santiago think his friend?

(a)Eels                 (b)shark
 (c)flying fish        (d)minnows

57- To whom does Santiago compare the sea to while referring it as being wild and out of control?

(a) woman         (b) children
(c) the fats         (d) father time

58- Which does Santiago think of as distasteful while during his journey, he sees all the things rows further into the gulf?

(a) sea bird       (b) dolphin
(c) Sargasso      (d) Portuguese man of war

59- Where does the story occur?

      (a) Cuba            (b) Marshal Island
      (c) Green Land  (d) Puerto Rico

60- Hemingway says everything about Santiago is old except what?

      (a) his legs       (b) his hands
      (c) his eyes     (d) his hair


 Answers of the Questions

Q.1 Who is the writer of the novel The Old Man and the Sea?

Ans: The writer of the novel is Ernest Hemingway.

Q.2 Write the main characters of the novel? 

Ans: (a)Santiago       (b)Monoline      (c)Marlin         (d) The Sea

Q.3 Name the ocean where the old man wants to catch the fish?

Ans: The name of the ocean is the Gulf Stream.

Q.4 What does the old man symbolize in the novel?

Ans: The old man symbolizes, the preservance, endurance, courage, and determination

Q.5 What does the boy symbolizes in the novel?

Ans: The boy symbolizes the sympathy and love for humanity.

Q.6 What does the Marline symbolizes in the novel?

Ans The Marlin in the old man and sea symbolizes the great resistance and massive hurdle that must be overcome by nature.

Q.7 What do the sharks symbolize in the novel?

Ans: The sharks symbolize the destructive laws of the universe and attest to the fact that those laws can be transcended only when equals fight to the death.

Q.8 What do the turtle symbolize in the novel the old man and the sea?

Ans: They symbolize their staying and surviving in the sea and are symbolic of Santiago throughout the old man and sea.

Q.9 How much the old man showed the preservance?

Ans:  He showed many signs of his preservance like continuously going for fishing out. He tried for 84 days for getting success. He also showed calamity and preservance on the behavior of other fishermen who used to say his names and make fun of him

Q.10 Give two characteristics of Hemingway ‘s code hero, possessed by Santiago in the novel.

Ans: (a) He shows patience and courage on every kind of situation
(b) He is determined and keeps himself ready to fight until he finishes against odd and worst circumstance


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