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The Eclipse Quiz

The Eclipse Quiz for Students of 4th Year


1- The essay “The Eclipse” has been written by;
     (a) Jane Austen         (b)Virginia Woolf
     (c) Maya Angelo       (d)Virginia Austen
2- “The Eclipse” is a________essay.
     (a) narrative            (b) serious
     (c) descriptive         (d) comic
3- A very large number of people were traveling to__________
     (a) east                  (b) west
     (c) south                (d) north
4- The Eclipse took place________

     (a) England          (b)America
(b)India                (d)Russia

5- The Eclipse took place on__________night

(a)  July               (b)August
  (c)  June              (d)September

6- The people were coming to see  at _________

(a) night              (b) after noon
(c) evening          (d) dawn

The eclipse remained only for_________

(a) five minutes              (b) twenty-four seconds
(c) twelve seconds          (d) eight seconds

8- The consciousness of the whitish soft canopy above us________in weight as the hours passed.

(a) minimum                (b) decreased
(c)increased                  (d) not effected

we were no longer in the same relation to people, houses and trees; we were related to the_____

(a) whole country              (b) whole world 
(c) whole public                (d) whole nation

10- Everything was very_____

(a) blue                  (b) black
 (c)pale                   (d) yellow


11- The river and fields looked_______

    (a) colorless               (b)waterless
(c)waving                   (d)empty


12- We had come out, not to lodge in the bedroom of an inn; we came for______hours of disembodied intercourse with the sky.

(a) few                    (b) a few
(c) the few              (d) a little

13- At the time of the solar eclipse, they thought that their_________

 (a) sun god                (b)moon god
(c)earth goddess        (d) all

14- Now the farmhouse door would open, and out would step to join the procession the farmer and his family in their________, neat, dark and silent as if they were going uphill to the church.

(a) Monday clothes       (b) Sunday clothes
(c) Friday clothes          (d) Saturday clothes

15- We had an odd sense of keeping an appointment with_________of such vast proportions that he would come silently and be everywhere.

  (a) an actor                  (b) a doctor
(c) a judge                     (d) a writer

16- All the people realized that the sun was being___________

(a) showed                       (b) defeated 
(c) reached                       (d) cleaned

17- Their relationship with everything was__________ and unique

(a) old                       (b) new
(c) familiar               (d) bright

18- _______we were at the meeting place, on a high fell.

(a) in the time            (b) by the time 
(c)on the time            (d) after the time

19- The writer herself and other people reached on Stonehenge which was the temple of_________

(a) worshippers                             (b) star worshippers
(c) sun worshippers                     (d)  moon worshippers

20- We had________ the little badges and signs of individuality.

 (a) put off                      (b) put on
(c) put out                      (d) put in

21- We were strung out against the sky in outline and had the look of statues standing prominent on the ridge of the______

(a) country                  (b) nation
(c) world                     (d) earth

22- We were men and women of the primeval world come to__________to the dawn

(a) welcome                        (b) see
(c) salute                             (d) greet

23- Suddenly, from the motorcar of some Yorkshire squire, there bounded_________large, lean, red dogs, hounds of the ancient world, hunting dogs, they seemed, leaping with their noses closes to ground.

 (a) four          (b) two
(c) five          (d) three

24- This was rising. A cloud glowed as a white shade glows when the light is slowing______behind it.

(a) turned on        (b) turned up
(c) turned off       (d) turned down

25- As the solar eclipse began, the starter held his_______in his hand, counting the seconds.

(a) watch                             (b) calculator
(c) magnetic  compass        (d) all of these

26- The sun had to race through the clouds and to reach the_______-, which was a thin transparency to the right, before the sacred seconds were up.

(a) position              (b) sky
 (c) goal                    (d) none of these

27- The clouds flung every________in his way.they clung,they impeded.

(a)clear                                  (b) obstacle
(c) removed the obstacle       (d) none of these

28– The sun could be felt, flashing and flying when it was_______

(a)invisible          (b) visible
(c) appeared        (d) b & c

29- The sun ___________through clouds

(a) escaped                  (b) dashed 
(c) run                          (d) passed

30- Its speed was tremendous. Here it was out and bright: now it was______

(a)under               (b) visible
(c) lost                  (d) a & c

31- Finally, the sun was under for its____effort. Now it was completely blotted out.

(a) 1st           (b) 2nd
(c) last          (d) whole

32- The sun was tearing and racing behind the clouds to win free, but the clouds_____him.

(a) held           (b) controlled
(c) overcame  (d) non of these

33- Of the 24 seconds only_____remained, and still, it was obscured.

(a) 6         (b) 4
(c) 5         (d) 7

34- During the eclipse, the blue turned to_____the white became livid as at the approach of a violent but windless storm.

(a) pink        (b) dark blue
(c) yellow    (d) purple

35- During the eclipse pink faces went green, and it became____then ever.

(a) hotter        (b) colder
(c) normal      (d) non of these

36- The flesh and blood of the world was_____, only the skeleton was left. It hung beneath us, frail shall, and brown dead, withered.

(a) present      (b) live
(c) appeared   (d) dead

37- The whole fabric of civilization was______and molded.

(a) scheduled       (b) modeled
(c) arranged         (d) made

38- The earth we stand on is made of____, color can be blown out and then we stand on a dead leaf and we who tread the earth securely now have seen it dead.

(a) dark          (b) light
(c) colourless (d) color

39- The writer draws a conclusion, the colors of the world are not______

        (a) permanent      (b) temporary
(c) disappeared    (d) appeared

40- In fact, the whole human civilization depends for its lifeblood upon the______

(a) color        (b) moon
(c) sunlight    (d) earth


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