PM’s Youth Program Competition for Young Entrepreneurs

PM’s Youth Program Competition for Young Entrepreneurs

The Prime Minister’s Youth Program recently launched the ‘Pitching Idea Competition.’ The competition gives innovative business ideas the chance to earn a grant of up to Rs. 2 million. It is described as the largest competition of its kind, with the goal of encouraging startup growth.

Winners of this competition will not only earn a substantial payment but also a six-month workplace to develop their ideas. They will get access to critical resources for prototype development as well as the opportunity to network with key investors, which could lead to successful partnerships and future investments.

Furthermore, the exceptional startup that stands out will be honored with the esteemed PM’s National Innovation Award, offering well-deserved recognition and serving as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs.

The competition will be held on June 13, 14, and 15, 2023, at NUST H-12 in Islamabad. It provides a venue for young entrepreneurs to present their ideas and maybe gain money and support. The primary purpose of this event is to stimulate youth creativity and entrepreneurship, allowing them to contribute to Pakistan’s economic progress.

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