English Quiz For 4th Year Exam Preparation | Whistling of Birds

Whistling of Birds

Whistling of Birds, Lesson – III


1- Whistling of Birds is an essay by_______.
    (a) Beerbohm                (b)D.H. Lawrence
    (c)Wordsworth              (d) Hemingway
2- Whistling of Birds is a________essay.
    (a) narrative                  (b) serious
    (c) descriptivre              (d) character
3- The compares spring and _______.
    (a) summer            (b) winter 
    (c) autumn             (d) with all
4- The winter has presented a______between spring season and winter season.
    (a) contrast               (b) comparison
    (c)compatibility       (d) none of these
5- The frost held for many weeks, until the birds were______.
    (a) dying slowly        (b) dying rapidly 
    (c) flying slowly        (d) flying fastly
6- Spring is a season of________.
   (a) death                   (b) life
   (c) rain                     (d) air
7- According to the writer of the essay, the winter is season of_______.
   (a) fragrance             (b) rain
   (c) death                   (d) life
8- The writer does not like______ season
    (a) spring               (b) summer
    (c) autumn             (d) winter
9- Many birds die in the season of_______.
    (a) frost               (b) autumn
    (c) spring             (d) rain
10- Plants and trees lose their______.
     (a) freshness             (b) leaves
     (c) fruit                     (d) trunks
11- ________prevails everywhere.
    (a) noise          (b)  silence
    (c) sound          (d)  fragrance


12- When spring comes_______

(a) autumn           (b) summer
(c)winter              (d) fragrance

13- The doves were cooing, though with a_______, as if they were still winter-stunned.

(a) a thrilling sound        (b) a labored sound
(c) sad sound                   (d) a delighted sound

14- It was ________after the heavy silence of frost.

(a) starling              (b) almost frightening
(c) a & b                  (d) none of these

15- How could they sing at once, when the ground was thickly strewn with the________.

(a) dry leaves                           (b) birds
(c) torn carcasses of birds        (d) carcasses

16- How could the little silver bugles sound the rally________, in the soft air, when the earth was yet bound.

(a) so fastly               (b) so faintly
 (c) so swiftly             (d) None of these

17- It was almost a________to realize, so swiftly, the new world.

(a) happy                        (b) pain
(c) excitement                (d) wonder

18- The birds of even________ of the announcement, their cry was only a faint.

(a) second part                   (b) third part
(c) first part                      (d) fourth part

19- There is a new world  of_______.

(a) spring               (b) winter
(c) autumn             (d) summer

20- The voice of the turtle is heard in_______.

(a) water                (b) woods
(c) land                   (d) mountains

21- Surely the call ________ while the clouds are still frozen.

(a) premature            (b) immature
(c) mature                  (d) none of these

22- The ground is littered with________.

(a) birds             (b) remains
(c) dry leaves     (d) remains of wings

23- In the bottoms of impenetrable blackthorn, each evening and morning now, out flickers a______

(a) crying of birds              (b) sound of birds
(c) whistling of birds          (d) None of these

24- After so long a cruelty, how can they make it up so________?

(a) slowly                    (b) continuously
(c) suddenly                 (d) quickly

25- It_______ through them, they are like little well-heads, little fountain-heads whence the spring trickles and bubbles forth.

(a) present                  (b) bubbles
(c) passes                   (d) none of thses

26- In the birds’ throats the________ distill itself into sound.

(a) old life                  (b) present life
(c) new life                (d) none of these

27- It is the rising of silvery sap of a________ gurgling itself forth.

(a) new spring             (b) winter
 (c) new summer         (d) summer

28- All the time, whilst the earth lay chocked and killed and winter mortified, the deep understanding was _________.

(a) running                   (b) quiet
(c) running slowly       (d) None of these

29- The older has changed, there is new________sound of a new vive! vive!

 (a) regime                  (b) realm
(c) world                     (d) order

30- The choice is not ________.

(a) your                (b) yours
(c) our                  (d) ours

31- Even whilst we stare at the ragged horror of the birds. Scattered broadcast, part-eaten, the soft, uneven cooing of the pigeon ripples from the outhouses, and there is a ______ silver whistling in the bushes come twilight.
(a) slow           (b) fast
(c) faint           (d) sudden
32- We hear the rolling of the soft and happy drums of the_____

(a) birds                (b) pigeons
(c) doves               (d) none of these.

33- We cannot hold back the ______, we cannot make the birds silent, prevent the bubbling of the wood-pigeons.

(a) winter             (b) spring 
(c) summer           (d) autumn

34- Whether we will or no, the daphne tree will soon be giving off perfume, the lambs dancing on two feet, the celandines will twinkle all over the ground, there will be a________.

(a) new heaven         (b) new earth
(c) new weather        (d) a & b

35- It is strangely remote, like far-off darkness. It is as unreal as a dream in the night. This is the morning of_______ when we are ourselves.

(a) unreality              (b) reality 
(c) both a & b            (d) none of these

36- We are for life, or we are for death, one or the other but_______ in our essence.

(a) always                 (b) never
(c) off and on            (d) unusual

37- One destroys, the other_________.

(a) also destroys         (b) creates
(c) destruction            (d) none of these

38- Death takes us, and all is torn redness, passing into_______.

(a) light                 (b) darkness
(c) blossom           (d) none of these

39- Life_______, and we are faint fine of silver running out to blossom.

(a) goes                 (b) rises
(c) went on            (d) none of these

40- Whee there is life, thee is______ death.

(a) present            (b) not
(c) also                 (d) no


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