Quiz on Take The Plunge Lesson IV for 4th Year Students

Quiz on Take The Plunge

Take the Plunge Lesson

Multiple Choice Questions

1- “Take the plunge” is an essay by______.

(a) Gloria Richardson          (b) Virginia Woolf

(b) Gloria Emerson            (d) D.H Lawrence

2- Gloria Emerson was a famous________.

 (a)journalist                (b) novelist

(c) poet                         (d) short stories writer

3- She worked in_______.

(a)The India times                  (b) The tribune

(c) The New York Times      (d) Daily Dawn

4- Gloria Emerson was born in______.

(a) 1927                   (b) 1927

(c) 1928                    (d) 1930

5- Gloria Emerson died in______.

(a) 2003                  (b) 2002

(c) 2001                  (d) 2004

6- Gloria Emerson worked as a correspondent in_______.

(a) world war 1              (b) Vietnam war

(c) world war 2              (d) Bulgarian war

7- During Gloria’s long career she wrote_______books.

(a) three                      (b) ten

(c) eight                      (d) four

8- Gloria Emerson was a/an________ authoress

 (a) American               (b) English

(c) Irish                         (d) Polish

9- Gloria was the author of________.

(a) Winners and losers                (b) Gaza, a year in the Intifada

(c) Loving Graham Greene         (d) all of these

10- The essay is a detailed narration of her experience of______.

(a) driving              (b) swimming

 (c) sky- diving       (d) jumping

11- Through her life, she had a strong desire to do some_______deeds.

(a) daring                (b) extra

(c) bold                     (d) heroic

12- Throughout the essay, she could not focus on her_______.

(a) emotions              (b) work

(c) thoughts               (d) feelings

13- She was boarded in_________with a male companion.

  (a) Cessna 180                     (b) Cessna 170

(c) Cessna 130                      (d) Cessna 150

14- She went to______center for training.

(a) fire                      (b) swimming

(c) expo                    (d) parachuting

15-The plane was at the height of_______feet.

(a) 2500                   (b) 2400
  (c) 2300                   (d) 2600

16– The parachuting became ______ for her

(a) joyful               (b) beautiful
(a) horrible            (d) faithful

17- She had to jump with a parachute at the height of_______.

(a) twenty thousand feet           (b) thirty thousand feet
(c) ten thousand feet                    (d) fifty thousand feet

18- Before the jump, Gloria Emerson was______.

(a) unwilling            (b) sad
(c) happy                 (d) nervous

 Before the jump, from the plane, she wanted to go_______.

 (a) toilet                 (b) bathroom
     (c) washroom         (d) back to her seat

20- Her eyes and nose were __________.

(a) souring                    (b) aching
(c) feeling allergic        (d) running 

21- Suddenly her parachute ________.

(a) tore                 (b) flew
(c) opened            (d) closed

22- After the jump, she was_______.

(a) not enjoying           (b) sad
(c) nervous                  (d) happy

23- The slogan of parachute jumping club was_______.

(a) parachute jump as safe as swimming   (b) parachute jump a deadly sport
(c) it is a game of heroes                            (d) all of these

24- Parachute was like a______ in her hands

(a) gun                      (b) steering
(c) toy                       (d) bird

25- She was handed on a________.

(a) on a water pool             (b) sandpit
(c) on a road                       (d) on a pile of soft cotton boxes

26- Gloria was taken to meet________.

(a) James Gavin                (b) Sir James
(c) General Irwin              (d) Sir Hume

27- The essay is about a_______

(a) cricket                (b) sky diving
(c) musician             (d) furniture

28- She was given a parachute with a______.

(a) twenty-two feet canopy          (b) forty-two feet canopy
 (c) thirty-two feet canopy             (d) sixty-two feet canopy

29- She received a letter from Mr.Istel’s______

(a) brother                    (b) father
(c)  teacher                   (d) mother

30- Through her jumping, she proved her self a_______

  (a) daring                 (b) confused
(c) coward                (d) beautiful

31- We can work miracles if we have confidence in_______.

(a) friends                     (b) relatives
 (c) ourselves                 (d) others

32- She wanted to do a lot of things but could not do because of too many______around her.

(a) hurdles                  (b) straps 
(c) people                   (d) none of these

33- When her turn came, she suddenly got________and wanted to come back

(a) frightened                   (b) happy
(c) sad                              (d) confident

34- She wanted to hold some object or lie down to avoid the jump but she was tied to______ that made her difficult for her to do so.

(a) vibratory line                  (b) moving line
(c) static line                        (d) None of these

35- She started to _______ but her instructor did not pay any heed to her.

 (a) shout                      (b) cry
(c) weep                       (d) sad

36- The drillmaster brought her to_______, made her sit down.

(a) the doorway                   (b) the window
(c) the door                           (d) the seat

37- The parachute opened with a________, as Istel had sworn to her that it would.

(a) noise                        (b) plop
(c) strange sound           (d) shout

38- She saw the earth in so many______.

(a) color                  (b) texture
  (c) a & b                  (d) none of these

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