Multiple Choice Questions | Quiz on My Grand Father Lesson-7

multiple choice questions  on my grand father

MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)

My Grand Father Lesson-7

1. Who is the writer of the essay My Grandfather”?

  (a) D.H Lawrence
  (b) William Polexfen
  (c) William Butler Yeasts
  (d) W.H Auden

2. Willian Butler Yeats born in_______.

  (b) 1864
  (c) 1865
  (d) 1866

3. William Butler Yeats died in______.

  (a) 1936 
  (b) 1937
  (c) 1938
  (d) 1939

4. The essay ” My Grandfather” is the______of the writer.

  (a) autobiography
  (c) Symbolic story
  (b) Monologue
  (d) None of these

5. The essay consists on the______of his grandfather.

   (a) Service
   (b) memories
   (c) War activities 
   (d) future

6. Where does the Yests pass his vacation?

  (a) grandfather’s home
  (b) cousin’s home
  (c) uncle’s home
  (d) brother in law’s home

7. There was a great______in the house of grandfather.

  (a) Suffocation
  (b) disturbance
  (c) Indiscipline
  (d) relaxation

8. The house of the Yesats’ grandfather was very_________.

  (a) Small
  (b) Dirty
  (c) large
  (d) narrow

9. Yeats’ grandfather was a_______ man.

  (a) Cowardice

  (c) Non- Conscious

  (d) Brave

10. The author’s memories are________and fragmentary.

   (a) Clear
   (b) vague

   (c) hard

   (d).none of these

11. Yeats says that his_______was characterized by pain, sorrow, and unknown fears.

   (a) Youth
   (b) attitude
   (c) Childhood
   (d) conscious

12. The name of Yeats’ grandfather was______.

  (a) William Davies
  (b) William pollex fen
  (c) None
  (d) William Arthur

13. What was the name of the window, that Yeats used to see?

   (a) Ireland
   (b) Fitzlnd
   (C) Yorkshire
   (d) none of these

14. The ‘name of the city, where the Yeats’ grandfather lived.

   (a) Missouri
   (b) Saligo
   (c) Pennsylvania
   (d) saurian

15. We should not take the light of the troubles of the children. Who did it say the sentence?

   (a) Yeats’ grandfather
   (b) Yeats’ mother
   (c) Yeats’ uncle
   (d) Yeats’ grandmother

16. Once the writer threw a stone at the______and its wing broke.

   (a) Hen
   (b) duck
   (c) parrot
   (d) crow

17. According to the writer, his grandfather was very______to him.

   (a) rude
   (b) kind
   (c) soft
   (d) impressed

18. The grandmother knew the Winning of freedom of Spain by grandfather in the age of_______.

   (a) 85
   (b) 80
   (c) 75
   (d) 70

19. The Yeats’ grandfather was the owner of______.

   (a) ships
   (b) land
   (c) house
   (d) buses

20. The writer grandfather’s temperament was______ .

   (a) awkward
   (b) kind
   (c) soft
   (d) violent

21.The grandfather of the Yeats was the only son and he was_______.

   (a) clever
   (b) solitarian 
   (c) silent
   (d) social

22. Once the writer’s uncle asked him to borrow a railway passport______.

   (a) 5-6 miles far
   (b) 8-9 miles far
   (c) 6-7 miles far
   (d) 9-10 miles far

23. When the Yeats uncle asked to borrow the railway passport, his age was________.

   (a) 8 years
   (b) 6 years 
   (c) 7 years
   (d) 5 years

24. Stubble was locked at________.

   (c) 10 pm
   (d) 1 1 pm
   (a) 8 pm 
   (b) 9 pm

25. The writer’s grandmother was very pious and did many______.

   (a) charities
   (b) kind
   (c) other activities
   (d) acts

26. The writer was quite afraid of his_______.

   (a) grandmother
   (b) uncle
   (c) grandfather
   (d) father

Short Questions and Their Answers

Q I: Who is William Butler Yeats?

Ans:William Butler Yeats was an Irish poet, dramatist, and statesman.

Q 2: Write the names of the writer’s plays.

Ans :  “The Countess Cathleen”, “The land.of heart’s desire”, “The Wild
Swans at Coole.”

Q 3: what does the writer describe in the essay ” My Grandfather?

Ans: In this essay, the writer recollects his childhood memories of his
maternal grandfather.

Q 4: How does the writer Yeats feel in his childhood?

Ans: The writer suffered from lawlessness and often felt misery in his
childhood. He had a red pony and garden to walk about.

Q 5: What kind of the Yeats’ grandfather was?

Ans: His grandfather was the only child of his parents. That is why he was
silent, solitary, and had few friends. So his grandfather was the silent
natured person.

Q 6: What kind of adventure the Yeats’ grandfather had done in his

Ans: The grandfather Of the Yeats had traveled widely and had gone to
many parts of the world. He also had won freedom of some Spanish city.

Q 7: How does the grandfather look physically?

Ans: Yeats’ grandfather was physically very strong and healthy. He
never asked anybody which he himself did not do.

Q 8: What kind Of nature had the grandfather of Yeats?

Ans: He had a violent temper person. Instead of .going to the law, he would
knock burglars down. He was even fond of reading and β€’had a great
knowledge of politics.

Q 9: Had the grandfather of the writer ships in his own ownership?

Ans: Yes, he had owned many sailing ships but he was never
impolite to any of his employees.

Q 10: Describe Yeats’ grandmother.

Ans: The writer’s grandmother was a very kind, most gentle, patient, and
generous lady. She was fond -of handwork. She had a hobby like

Q II: Why did the Yeats’ grandmother punished him?

Ans: The writer’s grandmother only once punished him. She punished
him on account of doing playing activities with the servant of the house.

Q 12: How did the writer knows his relatives?

Ans: The writer remembered many uncles and aunts who came and went
there. He was always afraid of them.

Q 13: What did the Yeats realize in his youth?

Ans: In his youth the writer became a happier man and he realized that his
miseries were not real but self-imported.

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