Quiz On Nagasaki August 9, 1945, Lesson-V, For 4th Year

Quiz On Nagasaki

Quiz on Nagasaki August 9, 1945

MCQs (Multiple Choice Quiz Questions)

1- The essay “Nagasaki, August 9,1945” was written by_____

(a) Max Beerbohm         (b) E.M Foster

(c)Michaito Ichmiaru   (d) S.T. yearn

2- Nagaski is the city of_______

(a) America           (b) England

(c) Russia              (d) Japan

3- Writer of the essay was a________ at the time of the incident.

(a) teacher                    (b) lecturer

(c) journalist                 (d) student

4- Ichimaru was decided and_________student.

(a) naughty                   (b) intelligent

 (c) devoted                   (d) religious

5- ______was dropped at the Nagasaki, a city of Japan, Nagasaki and______.

(a) hydrogen                   (b) atom bomb

(c) hand granite               (d) None of these

6- The nuclear attack took place in the cities of Japan,  Nagasaki and_______

 (a) Hiroshima                   (b) Tokyo

(c) Osaka                           (d) Yokohama

7- The writer of the essay is, at present a/an_______ at the Nagasaki University.

(a) teacher                        (b) professor

(c) clerk                            (d) chancellor

8- Who dropped the atom bomb at Nagaski a city of Japan?

(a) Russia                        (a) America

(c) Allied forces              (d) Native of Japan

9- It was a _______, hot, summer day, when the atom bomb was dropped at Nagasaki.

(a) dusty                          (b) clear

(c) cloudy                        (d) blur

10- The writer Michito Ichimaru, as usual, went to the station to ride on Tramcar at______.

(a) At 7 am                     (b) at 8am 

(c) at 9 am                       (d) at 10am

11- The plane used to drop atom on Nagasaki was________.

(a) C.30                         (b) F 16

(c) B.29                         (d) none of these

12- The writer heard the sound of B.29 aircraft passing overhead at________.

(a)11 am                    (b) 12 am

(c) 12:30 am              (d) 01: 00 pm

13- A few minutes late, the air flashed a brilliant_______ and there was a huge blast of wind.

(a) white                       (b) green

 (c) yellow                     (d) grey

14- The writer and his friend hide themselves in the_________.

        (a) room                      (b) toilet

(c) roof                        (d) umbrella

15- A glass had cut the _______of the writer and the blood was running.

(a) foot                       (b) shoulder 

(c) neck                      (d) finger

16- When the Ichimaru went out the______ rain started.

(a) yellow                 (b) grey

(c) black                   (d) blue

17- All the_______ between the houses were reduced to rubble.

(a) bricks                              (b) stones wall

(c) windows and doors        (d) None of these

18- The_______ of the writer was situated at Urakami.

(a) home                        (b) Jim

(c) training center         (d) school

19- After the blast at Nagasaki, the air does of radiation was more than______

(a) 4000 rads                  (b) 5000 rads

(c) 7000 rads                   (d)

20- Next day the writer went to his school on________.

        (a) bicycle                        (b) car

(c) bus                              (d) foot

21- After the blast everywhere the________were scattered.

(a) trees                      (b) animals

(c) buildings               (d) dead bodies

22- He saw a________ with bloated belly lying there.

(a) a man          (b) a bird

(c) a dog                      (d) a horse

23- The injured people looked like_______.

(a) sad                    (b) helpless

(c) ghosts               (d) none of these

24- After a heavy bomb blast,there were________in the destroyed fields.

(a) farmers                 (b) crying women

(c) weeping children   (d) workers

25- As the writer got nearer to school, there were________bodies

         (a) burnt dead         (b) black charred

(c) pieces of              (d) None of these

26- There were left only________of the medical college of the writer.

(a) one part                (b) a little part

(c) skelton                 (d) lower part

27- The injured by atom bomb blast________withen few weeks.

(a) survived                (b) recovered

(c) went out                (d) died

28- A huge blast of ________ blew up during attack at Nagasaki.

(a) wind                      (b) fire 

(c) smoke                    (d) gas

29- By the forceful effect of blast, he glasses of the buildings______.

(a) fell down              (b) broke

(c) shattered               (d) None of these

30- Why the writer Ichimaru could not reach to his school, on the day of the blast?

(a) because there were restrictions of wandering outside

(b) because there were scattered broken glasses
(c) because there were fires and dead bodies everywhere
(d) because there was nobody outside

31- Before reaching the school, many of the writer’s class fellows had already_______.

(a) gone away                   (b) died
(c) hid themselves             (d) taken to the hospital

32- Hills had lost all__________.

(a) freshness               (b) peaks
(c) charm                   (d) greenery

33- There was a bad_______spresd around.

(a) fragrance              (b) noise
(c) smell                    (d) branches of trees

34- The writer of the essay clearly remembered the________.

(a) known people            (b) his class fellow
(c) his school situation    (d) pain and misery

35- The writer was very disturbed to see the______ condition of the people.

(a) pathetic            (b) good
(c) better                 (d) prosper

36- The writer also collected many of dead bodies and_______them.

(a) buried             (b) saved
(c) burnt             (d) threw

37- Ichimaru carried many of his friends to their in a________.

(a) car                    (b) truck
(c) rickshaw          (d) cycle cart

38- He had a great sense of_______for the suffering humanity.

(a) attraction           (b) sympathy 
(c) attachment         (d) sadness

39- What did the writer give advice on using the atomic bomb?

(a) mankind should produce more weapons
(b) mankind should be aware
 (c) mankind should never use such weapons
(d) none of these

40- What is the lesson given by the writer from the essay?

(a) of learning about the war     (b) of happiness
 (c) of sympathy                        (d) of modern wars

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