20,000 Paid Internships for Young Graduates Govt Plans | Ahsan Iqbal

20,000 Paid Internships for Young Graduates Govt Plans

Paid Internships for Young Graduates

Ahsan Iqbal, the minister for planning, development, and special initiatives stated on Wednesday that 20,000 Paid Internships will be awarded to unemployed individuals across the country

The federal minister said the government was committed to educating every student in the nation since it is his fundamental right, speaking at an international forum in Islamabad. The minister stressed the importance of education to the advancement and growth of the country.

According to the minister of planning, education is vital for the prosperity and development of the country. He also expressed his gratitude to the US for helping to develop the nation’s higher education system. He exhorted the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to generate skilled labor in accordance with market demands.

In the era of information technology, he declared, we have to produce students according to the requirements of the market.  He said that the current youth development plans put forth by the prime minister would aid in boosting student skill levels all around the nation.

Moreover, Mr. Iqbal said that under the Youth Development Initiatives (YDI), scholarships would be given to students from remote places.

The delegation comprised Dr. Keith Grover, chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Senator Donald Blome of Utah State, and others.

Tweet of Ahsan Iqbal Minister About Paid Internships

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