Good News for Private Students from Punjab University

Punjab University Lahore
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Punjab University may soon offer master’s and associate degree programs to private students who wish to continue their education if they are academically eligible.

The proposal has been approved by the academic council of the institution, which is presided over by the vice-chancellor (VC) prof. dr. Asghar Zaidi

Students from middle-class backgrounds who were working to support their families were not allowed to enroll in these degrees under the Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) new undergraduate policy.

The VC took notice of the issue and brought it up before the Academic Council. At the conference were university professors, department leaders, and deans of the faculty.

It was decided that private applicants will be permitted to apply for admission to master’s and associate degree programs this year.

The recommendations adopted in the conference would help thousands of underpaid candidates, according to Dr. Asghar Zaidi. The vast majority of private candidates, according to him, were underprivileged or middle-class graduates.

According to him, students who did well on their exams might continue their education at the graduate and postgraduate levels. He bemoaned the fact that the new undergraduate policy was depriving students with strong academic records of the opportunity to pursue further education.

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