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Pakistan and the Modern World

Pakistan and the Modern World

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Liaqat Ali khan (1895-1951) is the 1st Pakistan’ prime minister after its independence. He is called Quaid- e-Millat and Shaheed-e-Millat. He was born in a well off Muslim family. He was a statesman, lawyer, and political theorist. He got his education from Aligarh Muslim University and Oxford University England.

He was an excellent companion of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and joined the Muslim League. He worked day and night with Quaid e Azam for the independence of Muslims. He had a great love for Pakistan. He was assassinated at a public meeting in Rawalpindi.


Liaqat Ali Khan’s “Pakistan and the Modern World” is an extract from the speech that he delivered at Kansas University in 1950 when he was invited by America to tell why Pakistan was created and he visited The U.S.A. He was awarded an honorary degree from the university. In his speech, Liaqat Ali Khan explained to the people how did Pakistan come into being?

What was the circumstance that forced Muslims o India to demand for them a separate independent country and how their struggle bore the fruit? A newly independent nation emerged. He also elaborated to the American people that Pakistan is a new democratic state and came into existence on 14thAugust 1947.

It is a new country on the map of the world. Before independence, the Muslim and Hindus lived together in a united India. The Muslims remained with Hindus for a long time but could not become one nation. Muslims and Hindus had differences in every field of life. Both Muslims and Hindus have different approaches to life.

They have a separate ideology, although they remained together for many years yet could not be mixed due to many religious, political, social, cultural, and moral values. The Muslims have a strong faith in one God and worship Him while Hindus worship many gods. The Hindus were in majority and in domination. The Muslims were afraid that after the English.

The Hindus would rule over them and they would be forced to live a subjugated life forever because they were in a minority. He further explained to the audience that due to the cultural, social, economic and religious differences, The Muslims of India demanded a separate homeland where they could lead their lives according to Islam.

In the strong leadership of Quaid e Azam and the Muslim League, the Muslims of India got Pakistan, an independent state. Liaqat Ali Khan told them that the name of the new democratic state was named Pakistan. It was a new democratic sovereign country.

Its people are peace-loving and hard working. He urged Americans to accept Pakistan as a new state and to help Pakistanis in the field of education, art, science, and technology so that it can be emerged a new state on the world map.

    Reasons for the creation of Pakistan that forced Muslims for its demand


Religious Differentiation

Both Muslims and Hindus were distinct on religious ground. Hindus were polytheists (those who have belief in many gods). Muslims were monotheists (those who believe in one GOD). So make both nations together was a great mistake and the peace would be disruptive not only for them but for the whole world.

Caste System

Hindus were believed in the castes system. They were divided into many castes but Islam rejects the caste system. Muslims have faith in the equality of all human beings. How it could be possible for two separate nations could live in one nation.

Economic Set Up

Hindus’ economic set up was totally opposite to Muslims. Hindus believed in unearned amass of wealth. They accumulated wealth and apply interest to wealth while Muslims believed in the circulation of wealth in the form of spending and circulating money. Islam had no concept of unearned amass of wealth towards which Liaqat Ali Khan attract the attention of Americans.

Concept of Freedom

Hindus were in majority and Muslims were in minority before partition. If English would leave India, the Hindus would rule over the Muslims because they were less than Hindus. This was also the cause that leads to independence for the Muslims.

Administrative Grounds

The whole area of India was too large to be managed and it was really tough for the English to manage it. It became the cause of independence for Pakistan.


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