Quiz on My Tailor Lesson-8 For B.A Part-2

Quiz on My Tailor

My Tailor Lesson 8


  1. Who wrote the modern essay “My Tailor”

(a) William Butler Yeats

(b) Francine prose

(c) Stephen Leacock

(d) D.H. Lawrenc

  1. When did Stephen Leacock born?

(a) 1869

(b) 1870

(c) 1875

(d) 1880

  1. When did the Stephen Leacock die?

(a) 1941

(b) 1942

(c) 1943

(d) 1944

  1. The Stephen Leacock had a relation with a tailor for last______.

(a) 30

(b) 25

(c) 10

(d) 20

  1. The tailor always used to meet the writer with_______.

(a) Disturbed
(b) smiling face
(c) Sorrow

(d) Anger

  1. When did the tailor often stand in his shop?

(a) at the mid

(b) at the front

(c) at the side

(d) at the back

  1. The tailor usually used to stand on his one_______.

(a) knee

(b) feet

(c) leg

(d) none of the these

  1. The tailor had always_______around his neck.

(a) muffler
(b) a chain

(c) a necklace of flowers
(d) a measurement tap

  1. While lifting his knee what does the tailor show on it?

(a) pillows

(b) stationary

(c) cloth

(d) embroidery

  1. The tailor always met his customers_________.

(a) strictly

(b) softly

(c) in a light mood

(d) quickly

11..How many kinds of cloths the tailor had at his shop?

(a) two

(b) three

(c) four

(d) many

  1. When the writer talked about the Bill, the tailor used to start talking about_______.

(a) price of cloth

(b) colors of cloth

(c) weather

(d) common matters

  1. The tailor always calculated his accounts on________.

(a) register

(b) on a paper

(c) on his hand

(d) on a board

  1. One day the writer came to the shop of the tailor and he surprised to see his tailor________.

(a) had left the city

(b) had died

(c) had gone to another shop

(d) had started another work

  1. The people were talking about the_______of tailor.

(a) business

(b) cloths

(c) problems and worries 
(d) fun

  1. The tailor left behind a wife and a_______.

(a) a daughter

(b) an adopted girl

(c) a son

(d) and adopted son

  1. The writer always thought that tailor was an________.

(a) mortal

(b) honest person

(c) immortal
(d) nine of these

Questions and Their Answers

Q 1: What does the writer tell us about his tailor?

Ans: The writer, Stephen Leacock tells us that he had been visiting his

tailor for last thirty years.

Q 2: How did the tailor present himself in his shop?

Ans: The tailor always stood in the last part of his shop. He had a

measurement tap around his neck and a smile showing on his face.

Q 3: What kind of clothes the tailor had in his shop?

Ans: He had only verities of cloths in his shop named serge and tweed. He allowed only these kinds of clothes as a choice for the writer as well as his customers.

Q 4: How did the tailor show the clothes before his customers?

Ans: The tailor remained to stand on one leg, bent his one knee, and

dropped the cloth over it. Therefore he kept continuing his work.

Q 5: In what way the tailor deal with the writer?

Ans: The writer often measured his chest and said that all measures had become old now. The writer knew that it was flattery and just to please him.

Q 6: How much time the tailor used to give the writer for stitching his clothes?

Ans: He always gave one week’s time to the writer for stitching his clothes.

Q 7: Did the tailor asked the writer for paying the bill?

Ans: No, he never even talked about the. bill. It was requested by correspondence and only when there were consiånments from Europe.

Q 8: What type of conversation they did whenever the writer went to the tailor’s shop?

Ans: The tailor always had a smile on his face and often talked about the weather especially at the end of the meeting.

Q 9: Which hosiery did the writer like?

Ans: The writer always refused the purchase of shifting, collaring, and hosiery.

Q 10: What happened, when’ the writer heard the sudden death of the tailor?

Ans: When the writer went to the tailor’s sh9P in routine, he shocked to know about his death.

Q II: How did the tailor die?

Ans: The tailor died of poverty, perhaps loss in business caused his death.

Q 12: Who is left behind by the tailor?

Ans: The tailor had left a wife and a daughter. He also heard that the wife and the daughter of the tailor were also in bad circumstances.

Q 13: What about the other activities of the tailor, the writer came to know, after his death?

Ans: The tailor was a sideman in a church. He also used to play the flute.

Q 14: Why did the writer feel that his tailor is immortal?

Ans: In fact, the writer did not believe that he had died. He considered his tailor still working around. He seemed immortal to the writer.

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